Artist Lucy Stoner
keywords: : muscle shoals nashville punk ambient experimental goth improv industrial instrumental jam jazz krautrock noise soundscape Swansboro
label: Sweet Sounds Records

The lion simply doesn’t sleep tonight, as with the starting sounds of this release we could hear him yawning (along with a sweet voice telling us that it’s time to wake up…) the message couldn’t be more clearly and the music that opens up is indeed something you shouldn’t sleep or snore through. It sounds like a warm rising of another warm adventurous sunrise in the middle of an exotic psychedelic jungle adventure. It’s a progression of music and musicians who play it like a magical group of magicians who are in a certain trance working hard to get you deep into their fascinating web of sound. The melodies, the thick strings, the thrilling atmosphere; it’s all making the transition between sleepy dream into the exciting real life in one that is bloody worth to rise up for. The music whales with thick nasty bass, slowly progressive material that easily slips in a superb trip of real life played music done by humans who aren’t afraid to whisper rhythmically in your ears.

The music keeps it’s psychedelic format and sets out on a beautiful soundscape that made me experience a beautiful dream of multicolored birds flying in diverse group formations in spectacular fashion above the land surface and above in a pretty clean morning or early evening setting. The grass between my toes, the spectacular sight of birds flying with the wind… Female Vikings sang from their cloud boats from high up the sky. A pretty good dream stimulated by this trippy music.

From here the music goes for a rhythm that seems to connect to the action of a person with funk in their blood brushing the floor rhythmically with a broom. It has this flow that feels laid-back and yet workable. Add that around it the music seems to slowly decorate the whole work & chill rhythm with self-hypnotic material. It’s worth to clap for, and would actually sound good when you do it along with the claps inside the music. The more the showcase progresses the more it seems to become of interest to strange singing ghosts who all come and donate their vocal chords to the mysterious brew of sound.

Then there is more sounds of music to get lost in, something that feels a bit like a hippy progression in the Sahara desert. You just see visions of sunburned faces in colorful robes, playing tambourines, dancing bare feet on dusty sand, singing on top of their lungs while being in a satisfying dream of a trance; slowly gaining the strength to rise up their arms to embrace the sky as to be one with the universe. This is not just a release of music; this is an intense session to get in touch with your spiritual trip side! Someone pass the peyote please!

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