Matthew – Pure Roleplay

Artist: Matthew
title: Pure Roleplay
keywords: experimental avant-garde chiptune noise slim jims weird Allentown
label: NOG Records
reviewer: Stranger

Hello Stranger, are you interested in a bit of strangeness? Maybe this release by Matthew is something up your alley? Maybe not, but just in case here is a little spin of thought on the tracks available on the release:

Neil Young And Skeletor sounds like a soundtrack for when an intoxicated Neil Young and Skeletor are going for a walk, arms around each other like best buddies and a breathe of killer alcohol fumes.

Drinking Water sounds very strange, like there is someone trapped in the kitchen cupboard who is banging on the door and the drainage pipes. A muffled voice can also be heard, perhaps trying to get your attention.

SURF OR DIE 777 is another strange track; it feels slightly melodic but done in such a sound-ish way that you might feel like it’s a session of aliens attempting to play a classical concert in their own communicative ways. The music that comes out might have the hidden message of ordering obnoxious listeners to surf, but might hear the track backwards just to be sure.

Fresh Bort is one tune that feels a bit like a kung fu master hitting a turntable while saying ‘oh yeah’ in a dirty way. For some reason I imagine the turntable record being abused by the ‘oh yeah’ person placing its own sausage on the record instead of the needle. Adding a spinning trail of semen.. Oh yeah!

TREE LORD AND TREE MASTER is another track that you might or might not like. It’s fairly rhythmic, original and yet again hitting the strange factor. It comes across as a working engine of an electric land mower and a not working one. Add another one who is circuit bended and you’ll have a great setup of asthmatic buzzing sounds to keep you entertained. It’s the longest track on the release, and probably also the one that could be the closest compared to Himalayan monks humming on a hungry sounding stomach. The end is brilliant.

Art Thou Bored? Is the last spectacular end of this strange release? I think that’s the keyword here ‘sTRaNgE’. What you can hear in this track is a few talking bits chopped up for audio delights. It sounds like any moment a violent hardcore beat could kick in, but as it’s more of an artistic expression you have to imagine such a kick with your own imagination. Strange, isn’t it?

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