Clara de Asis – Uno todo tres

Artist: Clara de Asis
Title: Uno todo tres
Lable: PiedNu
Keywords: guitar, drone
Reviewer: Johan Nederpe


Impressive clean and beautiful cover art

Measuring in at almost 45 minutes, this guitar drone track by Clara de Asis starts out really silent. When put on your headphones and turn up the volume to almost maximum, you’ll hear a high pitch which slowly starts moving around in your brain. After two minutes more layers are introduced which consist of more lower frequency waves. The pitch is still pretty high, but the sounds are more chopped up in smaller fragments.

The drone really sets in at about the 1/3 point of the track. Real slow bowl sounds come into play distracting your mind and sucking you into the music. Gradually more and more layers of strechted drones are mixed to form a natural swirling sound. It reaches it’s climax at 33 minutes with the layers reaching there final place in the soundspectrum and carving deep groves in your memory.

After the climax of 5 minutes, the sounds suddenly drop until there is not much left but one layer that reminds you of the starting point.

The mixing of the track is done so incredibly well that it deserve special interest. The finesse at which the drone layers are placed on top of each other and move around without getting in each others way tells of good arranging and mixing.

You can get this amazing piece of drone directly from the artist or at metamkine.


P.S. personal notes are always appreciated and I did enjoy it!



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