Erleen Nada – Psychedelic Spaceship

artist: Erleen Nada
title: Psychedelic Spaceship
keywords: psychedelic, pop, video, space, infinity, stars, alternative dark wave electronic minimal electronic new wave post punk rock synth pop synth wave synthesizers Los Angeles

Erleen Nada is the future, and even claims to be infinity. But even the future and being infinity needs something to be entertained once in a while and that’s why her call for you to join her on a trip in a psychedelic spaceship. I’m not sure how things will work out for both of you as traveling with the future that also is infinity might be pretty different then driving around in a car with a buddy.

Anyway, the call out to travel with Erleen Nada is already showing a promising trip in outer space among previously unknown (for humans) territories.. Fly over Planet Tennisball and count the surrounding stars that spread itself in the wide open space in which exploration never will be coming to an end.

Erleen Nada is good companionship, her invitation comes in music form and it’s fair to say that it’s catchy in infinite ways; a song you could play forever and ever… The music makes you want to move not like human Mick Jagger but like the infinite future herself ‘Erleen Nada’ whose special moves are finely captured in this promotional call to fly with her in the psychedelic spaceship. Count the stars (including Erleen Nada herself!) and hear her invitation for forever and forever in the following video:

To hear and download ‘Psychedelic Spaceship’ in audio form + other fabulous songs from the other side of Infinity, please click the following link for music:

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