David Valentine – Computer Love

artist: David Valentine
title: Computer Love
keywords: video, dance, art, modern, electronic, romance, love, chatting, computer, love,
reviewer: Corry the computer

There is a lot of love going on in this artistic looking Romeo & Juliet inspired music video… Actually I’m not sure if it is actually a music video or that it is more classified as a ‘art video’. Music video or art video, there is one thing that holds them together and that’s that it is indeed a video.

And in this artsy video with music there is (as I’ve mentioned before) lots of love going on. Visually we see two webcam appearances of two youthful individuals who appear to be logged into some chat room. We know this as we can read along with the chat room lines and are able to trace that one (probably the chatter on the left) is secretly reading what chatter on the right is typing about chatter on the left, without actually knowing that chatter on the left is the one she is basically chatting about to another chatter…

Confusing, isn’t it?
Well the video is perhaps less confusing, but that doesn’t make it less artsy in a lovable way…

Next to the modern love story among the chatters we can see their private reactions when they don’t stare at the screen and not chat with their fingers… They will do weird things, handstands, backflips, nerves weird modern day dance moves that you normally won’t expect to see in a bedroom in the middle of an exciting love chat. I believe that the chatters do these moves because they are excited by how the chat is going along… Me too, I did some upside down spastic breakbeat moves while reading along & even peed a little while doing so…

But there is more love in here… More love? How is that possible? Well it’s possible because of the music, as the music is pretty much a bunch of lovely love on its own. Perhaps bit your usual sound of love, not Sade’s lovers rock or anything of that kind… It’s more of a ‘computer love’ kind of love. And that’s a good reason alone to listen and hear (and see) the video, as who doesn’t love the sound of computer love? You can also watch the whole thing with your eyes closed to feel the sound of computer love even more closer, whispering romantic computer beeps into your ears like the most romantic computer known on earth…

And yes this music video / art video or artwork with moving visuals, film, text, dance & computer love music might be up a notch to the normal standard of material that we shine a light upon, yet I truly wish you would accept the challenge and feel the love in all the facets presented in this multimedia master piece of young love among chatters & computer love. Lovely isn’t it?

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  1. Reblogged this on David Valentine and commented:
    Corry the Computer’s great review of my art-dance film Computer Love.
    “…multimedia masterpiece of young love among the chatters…”

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