FRAIL – Numeric Handcraft LP

Artist: FRAIL (
title: Numeric Handcraft LP
cat: Siro768
keywords: Ambient, Bass Music, Electronic, Dubstep, Other
label: Sirona-Records
reviewer: Netlabel enthusiast

After a long break Sirona-Records happily announced it’s come back with the finest, broadest, greatest, wildest and nicest music in the world! And of course just like all the trillions of releases the label had released before the break; they will all be available for everyone for free! Sirona-Records is not just a netlabel, it is the biggest, the greatest and worst nightmare for the commercial music industry! Cause who wants to buy anything (or even pirate?) when great quality music awaits for you for no price at all? If you don’t believe me (don’t blame you!) it’s a good idea to check out the first album released to celebrate the return of this world famous label!

Holy moly how free it is & holy moly some more in how great it sounds! This is top notch quality, obviously produced with the finest equipment, the most brilliant minds and best sounding producing skills even the Pet Shop Boys could learn from.

The introduction starts as a exotic psychedelic morning in which the hot sun starts to put its arms over the world’s surface while a warm kind whispering voice whispers it’s kindness in your ears. Then the miracle happens; a lovely blend of sweetness in mellow melody form has a sweet scene of inter course with a adorable sounding programmed rhythm that together will give birth to a lovely Dub-baby. Or shall we say; dub-kids!

Maybe even dub-grown ups who had never grown up to lose their child like funny bones and good vibe spirits! Think of those rhythms that you could glue your own bouncing head too while being surrounded by a thick cloud of mind healing smoke.
Think of these pretty sparkles that pop up once in a while at all the right places to move you (and the music) up to the next level.

These tracks are so constructive, having these finest dreams in rhythmic fashion, shagging these mellow shapes and forms in such sufficient and elegant ways that it’s simply hard to dislike. In fact we had brought in our reviewer who dislikes everything and even he was like ‘I can’t dislike this!’ So there you have it, a spectacular brand new release on world’s leading netlabel Sirona-Records! Get it for free (yes we know it’s unbelievable!) at the following link:

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