Autry! – BUG

artist: Autry!
title: BUG
keywords: alternative, singer songwriter, performer, entertainer, power house voice, vocalist, video,
words by: WIllem van O.

I quite enjoy the talent of Autry! And for some reason I was thinking, who knows, you might be available to enjoy it too. Maybe you already knew her music, and we just never talked about it together. But in case you didn’t know or had heard of Autry; it’s luckily never too late to dip your ears and eyes in this artist’s talent.

Of course we are here with a comical setup as this is not the place to take yourself so seriously, which is also a skill that this artist had covered very well. A great example is her popular music video ‘hit’ named ‘Bug’. I have to say that it’s a music video hit, as the song and the visuals are so meant to be together that it would almost feel wrong to hear only the song, or watch the video without the music…

The video captures the fun that is this artist, but also features some happy friends to help out in the visual scenes. Autry! is obviously a great sport at pulling the most awesome looking kooky facial expressions, (something she also colorfully applies at live performances to keep the audiences hooked to her stage presence like a child glued to their Popsicle.) and she throws the most successful ones all out for the perfection of this music video.

Her creativity of facial expressions is almost as equally creative as her colorful choices of haircuts and spectacular choice of clothes. But the song sang by her here in the most absurdest way possible is the biggest contributor to the music video’s success. In all honesty I have no idea what the song is about, but it stands out that a ‘sandwich’ is one of the most important items in the lyrics here, and it’s also greatly represented visually by a real singing guest appearance if indeed a ‘sandwich’. There is also a lovely cute dog available in the clip… But I feel like I’m wasting your time, you probably already knew about this music video hit (it is a hit after all!) but whatever, it’s too good not to watch and hear again (and if it’s your first time; enjoy!!!) :

Autry! has many videos online and if you’d like her, you probably had a nice browse around and would have found out that she is actually (next to a great charismatic entertainer) an amazing singer. In case you heard her for the first time over here in the above video, you might be surprised to hear her sing like a powerhouse songstress! Or even better than that! Check her materials out on Youtube:
Before saying bye, bye I wanted to share one other thingy with you…
Personally I have this thing with singer Adele, something along the line that I can’t stand her voice. She sounds to me a bit like a screamer, and when she sings live, it just sounds like the record, no special technique alla Whitney Houston or something… I’m obviously not a fan, but when I heard Autry! covering Adele’s Hit ‘Rolling In the Deep’ I was over the moon & blown away! It wasn’t the song that I couldn’t stand to hear, it was definitely the voice that had made the song popular… But with Autry!’s cover I was in love, what a passion, what a feeling she puts in there, this was not a boring voluminous voice; this was one expressive passionate vocal performance that Autry! did with funny facial expressions.. She brings it back to life and where the original singer annoys me, Autry! makes happy!

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