Dead Day Revolution – Vampire Blues (short version) Music Video

Artist: Dead Day Revolution
Title: Vampire Blues (Short version) Music Video

This music video for Dead Day Revolution’s Vampire Blues really brings out the inner (much more suckier version of) beavis and butthead in me. I just watch it all hearing them laugh and giggle, making obnoxious remarks at everything that appears to be happening. Feel like listening in? But before we do, let’s change their names for copyright purposes into Beeffish and Budhead… p.s. the short version of this video clip can be found at the link at the bottom of this post (somehow embedding wasn’t a option..)

Beeffish & Budhead: uhhuhu hehehe nghe nghe
Beeffish: what is this dude doing alone uhhuhu nghe
Budhead: hehe watching a movie hehe dirty movie ehehe
Beeffish: alone ready to play with his joystick uhhuhu nghe
Budhead: wooh a chick… You didn’t see that chick coming eh beafpiss?
Beeffish: uhhuhu hot!
Budhead: most be hot there she doesn’t have a lot of clothes hehe
Beeffish: whoa she spreads her legs for the lonely dude … Hehe
Budhead: nasty! Ehehe nacho nacho!
Beeffish: oh now she is playing with his joystick hehe..
Budhead: Beeffish want to sit on my lap for a ride?
Beeffish: hehehe uhhuhu
Budhead: ehehe he uhhuhu
Beeffish: oh look more chicks hehe
Budhead: hehe i like this
Beeffish: one for you and one for me
Budhead: I prefer to ride the dude hehehe
Beeffish: nice car dude uhhuhu huhu
Budhead: shit look at them teeth… Hehehe
Beeffish: they can be handy to open beer… Uhhuhu
Budhead: cool hehehe
Beeffish: woah these two girls are hella ugly! Hehe
Budhead: looks like your mum uhhuhu
Beeffish: so, Budhead… These supposed to be vampires?
Budhead: lizards ehehe
Beeffish: look at their tongues hehehe
Budhead: caramba lick my bunghole huhu hi
Beeffish: hehe wouldn’t it be cool if they stick each end of their tongue inside each nose hole?
Budhead: uhhuhu taste the snot! Hehege
Beeffish: taste my bunghole hehe
Budhead: uh… nope. uhuhu nghe nghe
Beeffish: wowa the dude is loving it
Budhead: the vampy lady is not cold anymore hehe
Beeffish: she is humping the life out of him
Budhead: good hehehe
Beeffish: uhhuhu hope he dies hehe
Budhead: yeah not that he returns as a hot vampire climbing on lonely dudes their cars to spread his legs hehe
Beeffish: you would love that budface ehehe nghe nghe
Budhead: did you see these toilet ladies?
Beeffish: is that your hand? Hehe
Budhead: yeah hehehe uhhuhu
Beeffish: hehehe uhhuhu nghe nghe
Budhead: when is someone going to die?
Beeffish: yeah die die die die! uhuhuhu nghe nghe
Budhead: ah now the tongue vamps are coming to take the dude out of misery… Hehe
Beeffish: agh what? It’s finished?
Budhead: well that sucks uhuh
Beeffish: yeah vampires suck hehe
Budhead: but not in this video nghe
Beeffish: sucks ngeh nghe
Budhead: oh there was music too, you know?
Beeffish: really? Didn’t notice it! Hehe
Budhead: uhhuhu
Beeffish: too much chick distraction hehe nghe nghe
Butthead: and the dude… uhuh
Beeffish: yeah, Budhead give him a lapride hehe nghe
Beeffish: wanne hold my stiffy, Budsmunck?
Budhead : sure Beefpiss! uhuhu nghe nghe

for more info & the long version of the ‘Vampire Blues video’ please be free to visit:


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