Pollux – Naked Lights

Artist: Pollux
title: Naked Lights
cat: [Siro771]
keywords: Ambient, Experimental
label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/

The Naked Lights by Pollux are seen shimmering over the dark lands, they appear to come from deep under the ground, now zooming over the landscape like the mysterious northern lights but then so much more naked. These lights reveal everything and when they shine through their windy exposures they seem to go through you from ear to ear. It’s as if the Naked Lights are making listeners transparent as bright lasers shoot by like extraterrestrial entertainment.

These naked lights have also humanity to them, a guitar might even be played by these naked friends, or they zoom in wet illustrious forms over the horizon like alienating spectacles that absorbs the sky and takes all their clothes off. The naked lights reveals the mechanics, the insects and the squeaky bugs that have run the show behind the fabrics of life, the clothing of the emperor who had always walked around naked.

The naked lights are not only shining their lights to make all that’s in their way transparent, they also reveal a huge beauty. This comes later, as the more the naked lights progress and the more every listener gets more and more used to the revelation of exposing them self without masks or cover ups. The naked lights will massage the mind and the ears with electronic special materials, kind kindness, little mechanic shocks and pleasant soothing low sliding bass orgasms. Who needs or wants normal clothes again?

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