Artist: MPG&MAN
title: MPG&MAN
keywords: ambient grace good hooping mpg mpgexperts nashville songwriters ariel pink Nashville

The beautiful exposure of letting go of what establishment has set as the rules is such a relieving relief. With fucking logic it’s like listening to Harry Merry who suddenly had applied his knowledge to the cut and paste handy works of plunder phonics. Not even sure if there is actual plundered phonics going on, but that’s no surprise as its defeating logic in such logical ways that it’s hard to know what or who runs the show. It’s important that penetrating logic into arousing and climaxing forms is actually coming across pretty logical; a quality piece of smooth fuckery.What a great start on an album as eclectic as MPG&MAN’s MPG&MAN.

From here the music becomes perhaps les fuckable, a bit more stable and to the realms of everyday perception. This is proof that MPG&MAN has the mind to create a hit for the everyday man and woman to be recognized and sang along. This is GogoManUnderground that goes for the love of a sweet lazy beat, a sugar coated guitar and the finest warmest lyrics to wet yourself for.

Then there is something in between the fucking the logic and logical music progression. This is the love baby ‘Gyp<MPG’ and I swear I’ve written an whole essay about it, but unfortunately some technical and illogical computer issue had decided that it was obviously too good to be placed in this review. So, leaving you, the reader only with an option to hear the track by yourself & perhaps attempt to do your own research.

Good news is that the science of logic in music form returns, with the upbeat and good vibes friendly sportive squat inducing health track named ‘HAYES’2minBOOTYbustManUnderground’. While actively listening to this you burn all those calories away, coming out fit and firm like the person you always imagined you to be.

In ‘NOGOYOwoeMPG’ we can hear these unwanted calories in fatty bass form blubbering on their way out while put to good use as a useful sound in a original song. The music goes through various scenes making me feel that the unwanted calories go out with their hands holding their fat faced faces from bar to bar & obscure musical location to another one to beta test as much alcoholic material to drown their sorrow from rejection out.

Meanwhile we and the music makers are happily listening to the song RevManUnderground with the finger pointed at the door. Goodbye fatty unwanted blurbs there is the exit and don’t you dare to come back’ is the feeling that it implies. The music is rough, leather raincoats, tattoos on forehead, snot dropping out of an obscure nose, rock n roll, cigarettes with benefits, cats having intercourse with bicycle dudes all over a authentic jimmy Hendrix guitar. If this isn’t smoky sexy, than what is?

Then it’s simply time to grow our self some alligators to marry in the near future, shave our self and apply spandex to our happy jumping display costumes. The inspiring MPGexperts@hashtagood is inspiring to leave the concept of seeing something through far behind, just do whatever comes rolls into the mind and have fun applying lunacy. It feels so good when you do, do you know?

Then the love comes in music form with unpretentious love making in song writing skills. Thom Yorker should take note as WatchYouBurnManUnderground is the material that will turn a Radiohead’s head into one with a future. This song gets all the warmth and the praises of a lyric observer & its good listening material too.

The favorite among favorites on this album must of course be MPG, which feels deep and indulging. It embraces the essence of life, the sniff of good things, the wobbly doodles noodles poodles of what music should be now, in the past and in the future. If all radio shows would spin this song on repeat people finally would tune back to listening to the radio again. How nice of MPG&MAN to include such a goody radio station savior on this album!

The final work is perhaps more traditional sounding and I’m the first one to admit it administers chicken skin all over my entire body. The melody, the feeling of love and hope, the beautiful raw soulful singing, the bass, the last notes… ISEEYOUTHEREManUnderground is all you could wish for! And this album, ladies and gentlemen is MPG&MAN’s proof that having fun with logic and non-logic is the recipe for great entertainment! Have a listen:

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1 Response to MPG&MAN – MPG&MAN

  1. MPG says:

    MPG&MAN’s fav review ever! Definitely ‘PP’ all over MPG, though this is the first time hearing this term!

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