artist: De Grote Anti
keywords: alternative oostblok beats balkan folk gypsy Tilburg


^ somewhere in Tilburg

Tilburg is a bit like that village of the Asterix stories; around it the music scene is defeated by total mainstream shit, while Tilburg has the best music in the Netherlands & with the help of a special soup of mind alternating substances the Tilburg party people are known to keep the shit music out of town, while at the same time being a safe harbor for good music from wherever. The best party in town (in which that special power liquid soup is at hand for all who enters…) is the legendary Gifgrond party, which will happen once in a while to celebrate life and victory of their long standing stronghold against the mainstream.


^ behold the flag of TIlburg

Upcoming party features a lot of Persian vibes mixed with wicked break beats for that refined ‘go mental’ vibe. But all the artists responsible (Logosamphia , Hassan K to name a few…) aren’t exactly based in Tilburg, although heavily represented with their warrior like sound fights they might have their roots elsewhere, but got their feet on the Gifgrond grounds because they know it’s the last standing place to be freaking out in the most Divine forms.

But did you know Tilburg has also it’s own brew of Balkan flavored Dutch hardcore loving warrior living under its wings? It is strange to believe that this artist has not been included in the upcoming Gifgrond party as hearing this EP it would fit right in with all it’s classical Tilburg Balkan Dutch sounds that would leave the Romans pulling back while suffering colorful spastic heart attacks of joy.
This Tilburg based ‘De Grote Anti’ is definitely putting up the party vibes within this EP. With the local underground hit ‘Das Mien Merk’ De Grote Anti has proven that it’s a master of the minimal Hardcore beats with the well placed humorist sample of a typical Dutch farmer in love with his tractor…
But with this EP over here it’s all about melodies and danceable beats to go jolly and happy-go-lucky with. Not sure if it’s Persian folk, Balkan, homeless hum-papa or gypsy troubadours that are brought back to life in these happy flavored dance tunes, but it is made in Tilburg which is already a ‘success guaranteed’ piece of knowledge on its own!
Forget about Dutch cities like Rotterdam or Amsterdam, it is clear that the small dominant and uncountable non sheep of places ‘Tilburg’ is the real place that brews, cares, fosters the real talents out there! Just listen to this EP by ‘De Grote Anti’ and you just know the mayor of Tilburg should officially reward this artist with an honorable Medal of the Tilburg Arts. Tune in and enjoy these tunes:

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