Dont die before hearing Miss Von Trapp

Miss Von Trapp is a performing individual that you can’t and shouldn’t miss out on. She performs her story telling folk material in full detail, making the average listener sit up and listen to every detail that walks (or crawls) out of her mouth. Not only is she the qualified story teller & long lasting minstrel of these creepy modern times; she is also someone who visually speaks with her daily attire of ‘casual’ Miss Von Trapp antics.
Her black songs of death and decay will entertain and even haunt you delightfully in your deep dreams (and possible nightmares). Even a song about a chocolate bunny for Easter becomes something so grotesque that there might be a chance you dont want to munch on a chocolate bunny ever again.. (especially not when having cavities in your teeth..)

Miss Von Trapp is of course a favorite performer among the performing alternative club circuit. Her wide eyed charm of playing her favorite Cello while sitting with her striped legs wide spread is unfazed. Her way of letting the words of dark humor parade around the premises is everyone (who is in need for dark entertainment) ‘s wet dream.
Miss Von Trapp doesn’t mind you having a good time, cracking up a laugh or chocking on a giggle; but do know that on Halloween she might come knocking on your door for a last laugh. There might be even a secret chance that her plan is to actually make the people laugh until they are dead because of her love for the worms, who obviously love to munch and crawl in and out of the new buried ones…

Miss Von Trapp does have a good sounding release out, it’s an entertaining one that feels at times like coming from a mysterious other grim time, with songs that are well researched and have nice hints of a beautiful twisted (but talented) mind. But next to presentation, material choice, her unique visibility and humor it is her actually being a nice person that makes me want to share her with you.

How I know she is nice? I just feel it! Besides I believe she hexed me somehow enough that I have no choice to write these words of love and praise to you in order not to be served as a little side meal on next sacrificial Halloween party. I mean who can resist a woman with her magical selfie stick? Join the parade and be a fan of Miss von Trapp!

For more videos (and live performances) check YouTube:
or simply move to her albums and get your ears filled with these wonderful sounds of black humor & poetic graveyard folk:
or watch and visit (if you dare) her online home:

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1 Response to Dont die before hearing Miss Von Trapp

  1. deluge71 says:

    Simply brilliant. Thanks for the introduction to Miss Von Trapp.

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