Blood Moon Knights – Blood Moon Knights

Artist: Blood Moon Knights
title: Blood Moon Knights
keywords: metal blood concept knights moon original rock rock opera story west Woodbury
reviewer: Willem van O.

“Blood Moon Knights first album tells a story of two brothers, Jackson and Thomas Blood, who both fell in love with the same woman. As the brothers clash over her, gunfire erupts and the woman is killed by a bullet from Jackson’s gun. Feeling terror and rage, Thomas chases his brother until they both spiral into a web of darkness until the final confrontation.”

The noble case of telling a story with words and music is important with the tracks on this release, they do their best to get the music up and running in ‘Runaway’ and even the haunting vocals are pretty much convincing me to run away. On one side the sound is smooth and on the other hand it’s entirely on fire, making me as a listener a bit intimidated; as if the house is on fire and they cut off the water supply.

The storytelling is coming better across in ‘Trigger’ the music and the vocalist are pretty much on the case to get the story across. It’s pretty original to hear a story set to music, it takes a bit of time for me personally to get used to this way of story telling but for some reason I can see a future in this. Imagine all books and stories had been set to music, the illiterate would somehow be literate by hearing stories instead of reading them + through music emotions and actions could be easily transmitted.

The storytelling (even though probably a very modern concept) has almost a medieval feel over it, some times like a bewitched metal rock brand, a pair of minstrel tough persons and at other times more like a straight forward leather pants narrative. You expect long haired story followers who burned their books just in order to hear the stories told by the Blood Moon Knights going to concerts instead of book readings.

As a non trained music follower I have problems following the actual story, but do enjoy the creativity in how it is told. The melodies are explosive at times, with cool rough gin-like guitar riffs and well trained vocal expressions perfectly matching the vibes up.

Personal favorite is the chapter of ‘Cry in the rain’ perhaps because it’s less in your face, focussing on a haunting melody with vocals that goes in with little distraction, and has pretty emotional parts that gets sincerely the feeling of crying in the rain across like its truly raining tears.

I think that anyone who needs more than a book, someone who wants to hear emotions in the narrative as well as actions with a metal opera kind of feel this album might be something up their illustrious alley. The concept is very interesting and for fans of the genre pretty executed in music and vocal form; yet for someone who is not so much into metal rock material it might be better to keep on trying to read a book instead. That said; even though you might not be able to fully follow the plot it is easy to enjoy the music instead; unlike a person enjoying the paper in a book that you can’t seem to follow. Definitely an interesting concept; good well played metal music with expressive matching vocals, so why not give it a try:

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