Genetic Trance – Le Trance Genetique

Artist: Genetic Trance
Title: Le Trance Genetique
keywords: Techno, Minimal, Lobit, Experimental
label: Sirona-Records

Sirona-Records has some new way of discovering their free downloadable releases. It’s a bit like a game in which every participant are all winners. You basically go to the following link:

…and press the ‘Random’ to get a … random release for you to hear, listen & download for free! My price was ‘Genetic Trance’s Le Trance Genetique… a little surprising release that I had to share here with you in more detail:

The first track named ‘Realise’ made me realize how much love the love for the lobit rate rules. The track is super sexy, smooth, fairly minimal in a way that it has everything attached and placed at the right places and times, making all things that aren’t necessary go off to bugger someone else. This music is so great in its hypnotic dance flavor with enough room in its minimal setup for sound experimentation and even secret hints of mellow melodies.

But the base kick is the pounding epicenter that keeps these tracks glued together like flies on a windshield. But still this release is different than most known Genetic Trance releases in that there is a superb surprise hidden within, something that will make female organs tear and male prostates cough a little. This release contains a track in which Genetic Trance actually sings, and he does this with such a love in his voice that it just feels like a gesture of love in which the already lovely lobit sounds are simply being aroused by the sweet voice of gentleness. To top of this sweetness there is even a horny horn recorded, giving the danceable low lying experimental techno track a human feel that robots would envy.

The last bit of love is the feel good making twisted dance track in which Genetic Trance once more lends its vocals but for a more talkative cozy feeling. The music goes for a typical kick and clap with the pretty happy go lucky easy going vibes of rubber ducks singing in harmony the synths of the lobit past and future. And yes, I don’t know what this all means either… But who cares, just tune in as the music speaks for its own:

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