Sentidos Apuestos – En Tus Cinco Sentidos

artist: Sentidos Apuestos
title: En Tus Cinco Sentidos
keywords:acid ambient drone mexico saturation post-vaporwave televisawave vaporwave Monterrey
label: Σшρτγ

Another day in vaporwave land, the shady side of the Mexican sun is well presented and without further pooh-hah let’s dive straight into the tracks on this sexy summerish album:

·#1 captures the mood for lovers under a full moon in the middle of the early eighties with lovers with Hawaiian printed shirts, big fluffy mullets and shady sunglasses on a Miami beach. It has this cheeky lovers feel that does trigger the mind into thoughts of hairy chest hair, big bushes in underwear and a sombrero with a cool refreshing beverage on top.

The love simply goes on with CAPSULE LOVE with lots of summer cheese to put in a salad for a picnic in the sun. There is the singing, the melodies the vibe for Mexican mustaches tickling your upper lips. (Can be yours or from someone else)

More cheekiness can be found in ¡Aja Mickey! the vocals are of a typical vapor wave kind, as if they had been rotten under the ground and now brought up in slow motion to do some kind of zombie sing and dance in the summer sun of forgotten times.

More sexual is the A·M·I·G·O·S track in which a low lying sensuality is simply giving the rhythm for sensual bedroom activities. You just imagine smothering a melting ice cream over a pillow and licking the drops from the sheets in a arousing flavor. The laid back vibe with its deep pumping slow motion drums are like a open window providing a sea breeze for extra salty taste to the ice cream flavor.

More of this material can be found in the groovy woodblock friendly モニカSSVUV which feels like the perfect material to do a slow butt to buttocks dance with. Flowers in the hair, some acid in a whisky glass, hairs waving in the wind, sand on a sand which and a blue sky with pop music for slowly popping the Popsicles.

The next one starts with a über romantic conversation between a lady and a tramp. They get the good companionship with the always satisfying sound of a horny saxophone sexing the whole scene up until the two individuals and all who tuned in feel like a slow pounding love make machine. Eat that Tom Jones!

Some synthesized flavors are appearing which makes people who love them kindly kissing the feet of this release. There seems to be a little twitching here and there, a little sound experimentation which is nice for a change on this album in which everything had been quite stable. It gets idiotically abducted by a out of the blue no nonsense nonsense radio advert. More sexiness comes with the cool aid aiding sounds of Bubblegum Pop en C “Untitled”, Opus No. 8. The pop vibes smell of short shorts, bikinis and tank tops with chocolate drips all over then. There is the room for tooth paste smiles and all is seaming lay simple and good.

Then a more serious piece ‘ߥ€ ߥ€ (ベイビバイバイ)’ which is like a cool down at a hot beach party, a bit shady, a glass full of ice cubes, a sight of an ugly sweaty person breathing the fumes of garlic in your face while attempting to sing on a drunken pop track that rolls itself to a taxi for a well deserved after party sleep.

And then the sleeping begins, perhaps under the sky, or in a tent, roof or some other form of thing. A dirty but friendly voice wishes you a good journey and the romantic night of stars looking down on your lovely face can start with a final mellow melody of cheese and love. How sweet.

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