the transcendents – The Sun Is Still Asleep EP

artist: the transcendents
title: The Sun Is Still Asleep EP
keywords: alternative experimental new zealand noise pop rock spoken word Christchurch

Waking up with the brand new EP by the Transcendents is like waking up with a upcoming sun after a full night of heavy rain. You can just smell the trees, plants and grass being happily fed and in return showcasing a new odor of greenish flavors in the morning air. This goes so well together with ‘Spun’, a slow but determent drowsy wake up in music form in which a half drunk guitar rises in the morning sun and the singers voice pops out before a toothbrush had entered where the words are coming from. The sound and feel is relaxed, yet not fairly awake, giving it a woozy feeling of half asleep while putting no matching socks on.

The ‘Say Never’ song is more awake, having a different vibe, something more for a good cuddle on the porch with a earl grey tea in a glass tea house. The strumming guitar is as friendly as a intimate tap on a friend’s her or his shoulder, while the vocals are intimate and well meant. They are flirting around in the ears like acts of warm kindness, sweetly sung like an innocent but well-loved sunflower in a lonely field ready for your love. I wouldn’t say never to ‘Say Never’ if I was you…

Then it’s ‘Marrakech’ that steals the show by getting a bit grittier then the previous heard songs. While the drum and bass are keeping themselves squeaky clean in sound the guitar and voice are more roughed up like extra seasoning on chicken legs shuddering on a bed of barbecue flames. It’s nice, calming to look at but you just know it might be a bit spicy.

Last in the row is ‘Rhetorical Hollow’ which has the vocals more muffled, which shoves the guitar more to the front-line. It’s a nice thing as the guitar is played as if it’s the singer with words, and the voice is a respectful supporting act to smoothen the edges like a rough rocking professional with a prune in its mouth. It’s a cool sound and feel, and it kept that sound of mid rain mixed with a tiny bit if morning sun to vaporize the drops like a classy case of spaced out rock-professionalism. Love how the instrument and voice are interlocking at times to make their points of togetherness come across! If this is all something that sounds nicely up your alley, please be welcome to download and hear these tracks at the following link:

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