Bad Intensions – Everybody’s Doing It


What are the intensions in making such a nice cover?

Artist: Bad Intensions
Title: Everybody’s Doing It
Lable: Vacant Valley
Keywords: cut-and-paste, something, cool
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

I finally had time to fire up my double cassette-deck after it being in storage for a couple of years. Been receiving some nice tapes which I will review in the upcoming week.

First let me start with a tape by Bad Intensions.

This tape has one track on each side, so you must be thinking that it is rather sort and unteresting? Well, You’re probably not one into the art of copy-paste-plunders-wierd-noise-layered-zwibbelzwabbel-music like the people behind Bad Intensions.

Each of the two tracks is around 20 minutes long (or short if you’re really into this).

The first track, the entire A side if you still remember, is called ‘She’s onto it’. It has many layers of weird domestic noises and guitar screaches glues together with some dark and ominous voice tracks.

The second one, yep the B-side, is called ‘Don’t take it personally’, but I’m sorry that I do. I feel personally fullfilled by this track. It has me thinking if it is live-recorded, plundered, rendered, generated, or simply just played and directly recorded. It has a live vibrance to it like Deerhoof, but something tells me it is perfectly composed to give me this feeling.

If you’re into weird music (and I know you are otherwise you wouldn’t read this blog!), you can get the limited to 50 editions tape by going here.


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