Various Artists – SPTOtfSP SParkle

artist: Various Artists
title: SPTOtfSP SParkle
keywords: Lobit Music, Complete Netlabel Catalog, Floppy, Diversified, 36 Releases In One
label: Sirona-Records


Koala runs the music!

A label ran by Koala?
Releasing things like Presidential gangster rap? Electronicarockexperimentalnoisefloppop? Odd lobit Compilations? A virus? A floppy diskette full of urination sounds produced by different peeing artists?

That sounds pretty extraordinaire and like a setup for ground breaking inserts in the Guinness book of world records… But take all the awesomeness and put them all together and…


History has been made!


For the first time a entire floppy disk netlabel’s catalogue has been re-released as one massive free downloadable release! A compilation that includes all the albums, all the EP’s, all the ground breaking material that had haunted all who had hoped to make a dime in the music industry!


^ Koala at work…

For a Koala; the original label owner has source-fully only released the best of the best, which basically means that if you deserve the best of the best, you now should be able to give yourself the best of the best. You can even share it with a beloved friend or a loved one (even your enemy) ! Thanks to Sirona-Records you are able to have all 36 (!!!!) releases in your possession, all legal, quick, efficient and success guaranteed!

You can store them on 36 floppy disks if you want, or perhaps play all the materials at random, creating a audio scene in which you fall from surprise into surprise. But with credible artist names like Justin Gieber, Pollux, Der Domestizierte Mensch, caelicus Pugna, Flat Affect, microbit Project, Avs_silvester, mhz_ , Isteronproject, Dentist John, Stefano Balice, consistency nature, Henry C. Rial, Covolux, Ech(o), and so so so so many more you just know that everything you’ll hear will be to your liking!


^ With Koala it’s always Christmas time

All covers are superbly included in this must-have-collection that is thrilled to join your very own music collection! And if you think, oh my gosh, 36 releases will take me ages to download: think again! Thanks to smart ass technology compacting each and every bit into perfect size and quality, making it even easy to download with the dial up modem that makes all these squeaky odd noises!

There is simply no excuse to not treat yourself with this collection of the best of the best! Besides the original label had been swallowed up by money corporations (apparently giving away free music, costs money!) so be quick to get it from the massive dinosaur Sirona-Records before Babylon takes it all down!

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