Kompact Development – Kompact Development


Artist: Kompact Development
Title: Kompact Development
Lable: Vacant Valley
Keywords: Rhytmic Industrial, earbleeding
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Ever wanted to have your ears wasted and get deaf reallky really fast? Listen to the first few minutes of the first track on this cassette with your earphones on and volume really loud. Harr starts with such a angry frequency tone that I had to stop and listen to the cassette for a couple of minutes. Thankfully the rest of this 23 minute track is a bit more durable. A lot of sound pushing other sounds out of the spectrum and dumping sidechain compression on the magnetic tape band. Rythmic structures and computer glitched bleeps fight with noises, drums and metal hits for their own personal space. It greatly reminds me of some Hypnoskull and other Hymen/Ant-Zen released stuff.

The other side of the tape has three shorter tracks, starting with Cole. A really sweet rhytmic-industrial track with a lot of deep grooves and sporadic outburst. The ‘vocals’ are a nice additive to the complex structure of sounds.

Diet has the deepest roots in the industrial tracks you mostly find on tape these days. Really taking care of damaging your ears without even noticing it.

The final track Nore feels like a mix between all the previous tracks. It steals the most interesting parts of the former tracks and mixes them to form a complete new finish of the tape.

Some final words: At first I thought this tape was going to be the worst to review of all the Vacanht Valley stuff I had in for review, but it turned out to be the most enjoyable! Personally I’m still a huge fan of all the Hymen/Ant-Zen and other rhuytmic industrial labels out there. It does, however, feel that it doesn’t really fit into the rest of the reviewed stuff. That was more accessible for ‘normal’ listereners, but I know you aren’t normal 🙂

P.S. It’s limited and includes a download coupon! Get it here!



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