Artist: RETCON
keywords: electronic berlin elemental hardcore industrial metal minimal noise raw techno Washington

Guess who is knocking on your door? Yes! It’s the sound of techno, still a bit roughed up from being walked over by all the copy cats and look-a-likes but still looking and hammering on your door like the good old experimental friend you once knew, but had forgotten all about. Techno was once not so straight forward, it was that slightly odd person in the back with glow sticks far up its nose, it was that weirdo in the movies who made their own recreational stimulants with stolen equipment, techno was that pulse open for lab-rat experiments with fuzz and buzz bringing people together with a fancy kick to go loopy with.

Techno, your old buddy, old pall, comes here knocking on your door to show off its scruffy looks, it’s itchy hooks of repetition without the sneaky and sleek killjoy of being milked and out produced until it’s a bottled product for the masses that normally listened to rock music. I would say open the door and let it in, give it a chair or a place to sit, some food, offer it a drink and maybe give it’s scruffy clothes a free scrub until it is all shiny and soapy again. Maybe give it some sweet love, a massage, a bath of pure welcome as it then probably reward you by being its old school friendly self!

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