YesPinkPink – Bl00d EP

artist: YesPinkPink
title: Bl00d EP
keywords: experimental Leiden
label: smikkelbaard

There was a time YesPinkPink was all over my digital high way; friends recommended it, and indeed their shared photos of this artist had been promising a tasty artist with a sensible love to say enthusiastically yes to the color pink. But strangely I never clicked further as when people (especially friends) recommend things it is a bit like you become a sheep instead of a Wolf…

Now years later YesPinkPink has finally reached my ears with the help of the always surprising Smikkelbaard Record label. (When such a label recommend you something, you don’t feel like a sheep neither as a wolf, more like a cute bunny…)

So this is a very fun discovery as this release is a bulge of happy fun joy with the bouncy anthem Bl00d on Da Fl00r. It’s really hard to say no to this anthem, it is superbly groovy, funky, funny and has this sweet potential to make people (and bunnies!) jump together in some kind of communal celebration. YesPinkPink’s voice has this funkiness that seems to superbly fit to the electronic friendliness that speaks ‘good and happy party time’ to my ears. Absolutely worth to remove the carrots from your ears (in case you had some in there!)

Next to the obvious cracker that is already worth alone enough to download and enjoy this three track release, there are ‘FaceFaceFace’ and ‘All of Times’ which are perhaps less strong then the blood pumping hit Bl00d on Da Fl00r but keep the vibe perfect in control to entertain people (and rabbits) who enjoy clubbing in electro funk forms. I would say, say Yes to this Bl00d EP by YesPinkPink:

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