No Way Out – Circuit Malfunction

Artist: No Way Out
title: Circuit Malfunction
format: Floppy diskette
keywords: experimental, noise, minimal, sounds, electronic, ambient,
label: Floppy Noise Records

No Way Out delivers a very lovely sounding release on Floppy Noise records. It contains the pleasant sound of three diverse circuit malfunctions which turn out all to be rhythmically pleasing in a strange but very relaxing hypnotic gesture of sound placement. The first malfunction sketches the image of office machinery having a field day off and had come alive to form a sweet band of broken fax machines, sweet telephone answering machines and other pretty automatic thingies. Together they are providing a real rhythmic collage that is surprisingly minimal, and fairly fine towards the ears of any listener. It’s in fact like rhythmic ambient, neatly restoring a listeners hyper moods into a bunch of real chilled out characters.
The second malfunction is certainly not unpleasant too; generating a friendly rhythmic selection of different sounds that rattle and click in a loop for total minimal satisfaction. The great mix of lower sounding ones and the ones that ring the higher tones are giving it an overall feeling of being in balance in a full harmonic way.

The last Malfunction is a little bit crazier perhaps; it is a funny progressive parade of bleeps sounds that has a tiny bit of lunacy written over it. Somehow I imagine this to be a soundtrack for an experimental lunatic asylum being played on repeat for the ‘clients’ to hear until they become either calm personalities, or go the total opposite and become even more mad then before.

All in all this No Way Out floppy diskette is seriously worth to get your hands and ears on, as the sound content is in general very effective and pleasant for anyone who has working ears. The only thing is that you just have to hope that the floppy itself hasn’t have a malfunction itself, but knowing the quality of the label that released this floppy it will be fairly tested to bring you only the best quality available! Get your floppy over at the following link:

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