Retrigger – Pink violence (7inch)

artist: Retrigger
title: Pink violence (7inch)
keywords: 8bit electronic breakbeat breakcore electro punk surf Angers
label: Ego Twister records

Yesterday Retrigger triggered the party people at the legendary Gifgrond party into a dancing frenzy,and today (to celebrate!) we keep on partying with the most astonishing 7inch Pinky winky that might get a bit violently happy. (Yes, that’s a weak wink for all the Bjork (with double dots on top of the ‘o’ friends out there..) But forget about those harps and butterflies and get triggered back into Retrigger’s Pink Violence.

It’s an energetic duo, sticking their 7inch ding dongs in colorful bleep machines, move them over drums in rapid speed, even seems to play with a frantic organ until someone’s internal organs comes out. It’s as if Pac Man had swallowed an extremely good pill and left the fruity things for a pair of head screwing shrooms mixed with a liter of pure caffeine.

The Retrigger crew also goes mental on the vocal parts, sometimes singing a bit like that ‘Superbike’ band (too lazy to seek the bands name!), and at other times going more frantic, berserk and punky in pixel form! Personally I’m a fan of the craziness when this all happens, creating enough buzz to pull your hair out and scream along like you are on fire! The limitation of a 7″ is of-course well documented in the essay ‘Size matters’, but in this case this 7inch record of pink violence is a perfect design to get that nice pulse of fanatic fattiness to keep the party people triggered into thinking they are still at a party!
Only a few copies left, so be quick to get your head holes filled with that 7inch of pure Pink violence:

** CORRECTION UPDATE: Retrigger isn’t a duo: I was too intoxicated (seeing double) when seeing Retrigger live putting his theremin in flames; it’s actually one person…

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