Cousin Silas – The Sky Road

artist: Cousin Silas
title: The Sky Road
keywords: ambient, drone,
label: The CerebralRift

Everyone’s favorite cousin; Cousin Silas’ is back with a very ear pleasing release that sets pretty audio ambiences for all to enjoy, relax and dream away with. Cousin Silas, with his years of music experience) simply knows best for you and your moods, and basically that is what he has delivered here for you within his latest album ‘The Sky Road’.

I listened to it in the evening when all had gone to sleep, and the star fields in the sky had been lighting up the listening space. It really worked together with this evening setup, bringing prettiness with carefully crafted droned out electronics and skill-full hand played electric guitar works that go hand in hand to simply provide a blanket to travel under.

The music opens up like a dream, taking its exclusive time to get into the themes that are played out and explored in the tracks of this album. Cousin Silas his music really comes across as a caring one, being the nicest cousin around and giving you musical kisses in the inside of both your ears. Cousin Silas provides the listener with the soundtrack of dreams and meditations, all warm and at ease for pure audible perfection.

With such kindness dressed as music, it is true that Silas simply keeps its throne of most loved cousin you could possible wish for, so please don’t hesitate to hear his beloved warmth in sound like a familiar cuddle of your most favorite music making relative.

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