Gazawat – History Written In Chechen Blood

artist: Gazawat
title: History Written In Chechen Blood
keywords: experimental Wroclaw
label: BDTA

We can get our news from the propaganda channels like biased TV, or alternative media, but in general its always semi-best to have someone you could trust somewhere reporting the truth from the scenes that are actually happening. Something ‘Gazawat’s History Written In Chechen Blood’ seems to go for, as it comes across like a journalistic on-the-ground report from an eye & ear witness who conveyed everything seen and heard into a release with sound instead of dodgy news bulletins.

The release isn’t a very happy one, so don’t expect children’s news with topics like ‘new elephant born’ or ‘snake crawls out of toilet’, but it is seriously conveying the story in which unfortunate have lost their lives and probably a lot of bloodshed. Still the music and reportage from the ground is brought to anyone who tunes in is brought with certain experimental expertise & heavily leaning on the drone-side of the sound spectrum. Sometimes field recordings help to get the visual stories across, but somehow the minimal eerie soundscapes are enough to convey a feeling of sadness, of loss of life and perhaps also a lot of questions towards ‘why?’ things had to go like this, and why the human race is such a cruel one… But perhaps that’s just what this release made me think off, maybe your perspective of hearing this history report written in Chechen Blood would be different.Please do share a listening ear over at the following link (More trustworthy then any news report or investigation!) :

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