{AN} Eel – Tent Tentacles & Man Made Mandibles

artist: {AN} Eel
title: Tent Tentacles & Man Made Mandibles
keywords: electronic experimental mashup’s rock avant-garde improvisation poetry vocal improv {an} eel Dublin
reviewer: Furchick

a review of some sorts by Furchick
an honour to make a comment of an epic event

an imaginary friend

chanting, reverberating friend
hot bear butts
munching crunching beAR BUTTS
into the cosmos
a long time into the other
where we go into the water
and slime
and slime
not like a butt fuck

mosquito bites and bear
this just gets better and better and better
the sounds from a place only Neale can know

v ghosts and the barefoot
between a place
we can only imagine
where its going on
in a matter of the sounds
my experience is yours
is yours
honour it
in your heart
what is your experience?
how does this relate to you?
it is a sound that talks ti you
can you hear it?
your bath
the sound of water
can you hear it?CAN YOU UNDERStand
i love it
can you feel the love of an eel?
expect and anticipate it
walk in a forrest
chunky things
that you can munch on

listen to it
feel it
love it

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