dreDDup – DeathOven (Rebels Have No Kings) [ 2016 ]

Artist: dreDDup
title: DeathOven (Rebels Have No Kings) [ 2016 ]
Keywords: electronic electronic rock experimental electronic industrial rock massacre industrial Novi Sad

We had received this album from dreDDup with the notice that they had send their music to many music blogs and no music blog is writing about it, and somehow if we can find out why that’s the case…

I truly believe that the answer is simple: either these music bloggers are deaf, or they are simply so overwhelmed by the awesomeness that they instantly hanged them-self as they realized they had been reviewing and listening to badly done shit music all their lives…

Other than that there seems absolutely no explanation why anyone would ignore such a great sounding project that is dreDDup.
No lies; this is earth moving material, thick and vast, pounding in all it’s grotesque shapes of industrial doom with melodies, heaviness, revolutionary material to bring out on a inspiring rampage!

It’s the mad max to the max of music, it’s hard, it’s loud, it’s direct like a punch in the face and a gun aimed at your feet in order to make you stamp around like a well coordinated dance floor warrior. This is the music that doesn’t even need to engage in violence to get you hooked on the hard groove, this is material that makes steam come out of noses and leather boots melt from instant movements from its listeners.
Maybe, just maybe these reviewers from these music blogs are simply just so busy moving around with this album and the volume up that they simply won’t get back to writing…

But don’t you worry, we at YIKIS are warriors too and are able to dance violently while still reporting you our beloved findings considering this music. And glad to do so too as without having to go for a funky lie or twisting the truth; in all honesty this music is pretty much superbly out there in style, production and greatness. Personally I couldn’t sit still when this album played, I even tried sticking my head in a headlock but yet it was moving and bouncing along the groovy harmonic tough lines.

The overall sound is very up in the ass kick corners of the music industry, there is a sublime toughness to it that feels like they are made to conquer, providing obvious good soundtracks for starting a revolutionary action while keeping it to the listener to be the one empires & what to do with this newly gained strength extracted from this excellent energy-based smoking music. I can’t say enough how strong the music on the album sounds like, i imagine the band members drinking motor oil for breakfast and pulling jeeps barehanded in the afternoon & then still have the strength to perform their own brand of music. Perhaps that might be another possible reason why music blogs tend to ignore the music with their reporting; they are a bunch of woozy weaklings that feel threatened by the greatness that is this band.

So now that we hopefully have solved the mystery of music blogs avoiding to write about the best band that had played upon earth, I would kindly invite you to listen to this brand new album for yourself.

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