title: GOUT
keywords: avant rock experimental andrew tuttle anonymeye brisbane clocked out drone electroacoustic erik griswold free jazz ghost notes minimalism noise timothy tate Brisbane
reviewer: Willem van O.

What do we have here? I don’t know! A trumpet in my ear, a crash in both of them and an electric noise sound buzzing around… Is this jazz? Is it avant-garde? Is it a success story, or perhaps is it a visit at the zoo played out by music makers?

Too many questions, yet the music hammers them nicely away with the overthrowing good use of crashes, and that trumpet that simply doesn’t seem to give a damn about answering to me, you or anyone. This is a band that seems to be doing what they want, and there is no real pressure to please you as a listener. It’s good if you like it, but it’s clearly not a top priority; the music simply comes first and then the ears and opinions of the ones who have those ears attached to their faces later.

It’s probably a live improvisation, but who knows; it might be all superbly thought through and now played and recorded in a way that it feels as spontaneous as it could be. Banging, pepping and buzzing away until your head is a bit like a washing machine that is tumbling at program number one.

The band responsible for these sounds of music is one named FEET TEETH, a name that makes you think how it would look like (and taste like) if your teeth had been replaced by little tiny feet. For some reason i imagine it visually as a pair of feet teeth attached to a mouth that simply walks away with the music. On this release the native band members are also joined by other performers as guests and that means probably; the more feet, the merrier!

In all goodness of saying things like ‘music first’ and opinions of listeners second, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t worth your ears, on the contrary; those feet teeth will be happily walking their strange jazzy noise vibes into your ears like they had a golden entree ticket. Because of the prominent hear-ability the music is too loud to be basic background material to nibble on a salty nut and sip a refreshing beverage from a venues alcoholic tap; yet it feels like it is sharing a relation with these bar-like environments. It felt to me like they had enough of people talking through their sets and had formed this band to kick your teeth in with their own feet teeth sounds of music. Avant-jazzing-noise-traditionalists-with-an-attitude that feels strong enough to believe that if TEETH FEET goes around with a helmet, you ll put all the content of your wallet in it and perhaps even your mothers fake teeth. A bit intimidating yet oh so good!

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