Those Lone Vamps – “Themes From Armchairs”

Artist: Those Lone Vamps
title: “Themes From Armchairs”
Keywords: alternative gospel minimal new wave Udine
label: Vernal Week

Those Lone Vamps starts this self-claimed catastrophe off with a minimal humbling experience called ‘If…’. Don’t think it’s minimal as in minimal techno, but more in minimal in that it seems to be composed out of a harmonica and a singer’s voice. The picture that it calls upon my own mind is that the singer is all dressed up in a white robe like a semi holy person, perhaps a priest that still isn’t corrupted by youthful sins. I wouldn’t call it catastrophic, as I found it actually quite enjoyable. There is something smooth about it, a bit like you go to a nice church instead of one with all the preaching, and have some holy ‘father’ figure kindly singing in a poetic voice from the little chamber of confessions.

Then there is ‘Foxthroat’ that perhaps also follows a similar concept of monumental minimalism, yet I feel the type of holiness is a bit misplaced here. For some reason the melody on the harmonica sounds a lot more jolly, making me think of a harbor with a happy sailor who is either happy to leave home, or is either happy to return home. The vocal is nice and round, a great sound for poetry readings but as a singer not bad at all too. If it was indeed a catastrophe it is at least a beautiful one!

Then there is ‘The Slap & Whip Decade’ which is nicely in movement. The harmonica is really active here like a sweet little bluesy machine and the vocal is joyfully teaming up like a perfect running mate up the stream.It is here that I somehow think of famous YouTube rocker Tonetta777 as I thought wouldn’t it be great of this was secretly Tonetta singing and playing the harmonica under a secret identity? The voice is distinctively less dirty, but still has that soulful volume of a poetic boogaloo.

The next song is ‘Strawneck’ which has a great hook in which the artist let us all know that we are not in Kansas anymore. The harmonica takes a bit of second place within this work, leaving the voice standing on its own clearly showcasing the artists sensitive sound that feels really in need for a poetry reading. There is something really flirty and romantic in this vocal sound…

The next one is ‘Maggie (a volcano core life) which joins the harmonica and voice again like two equals and feels playful, up and awake in a sedated way. (Like waking up without coffee) . It is here that the early image of a priest or holy person, or happy sailor had simply completely vanished; Those Lone Vamps are now perfectly returned as Those Lone Vamps.

After this we can hear ‘Cornfield’ which surely sounds like the most sensible and prettily sang song on the album. Somehow the harmonica and vocals of the singing personality are really one, complimenting each-other like good friends with benefits. It is here that I would like to drop the reason why I don’t discuss the actual lyrics of these songs; its cause I have no idea where these tracks are about, but feel like it doesn’t need to be clear as it is easily listenable even without any clue what the song is about.

The last one on this unifying pact between human being and harmonica is one probably about the artist receiving credits for the songs, and getting more and more popular as we speak. And if that’s the case than we cannot imagine how popular
Those Lone Vamps will be after being featured on this catastrophic blog. Anyway this album for sure has everything that was needed, no more or less and everything sounded perfect to my ears. Can I borrow yours? Test them out at the following link:

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