Poppy Nogood – Music for Mourning

Artist: Poppy Nogood
Title: Music for Mourning
format: CD & digital
keywords: alternative acoustic ambient ambient ambient electroacoustic contemporary classical contemporary composition instrumental modern classical modern composition piano based steve reich string quartet terry riley Kraków
label: Preserved Sound http://preservedsound.bandcamp.com

Poppy Nogood’s Music for Mourning sounds so familiar that it feels as if I’ve heard this album by the same artist before. Perhaps I have traveled in to the future or heard it in my dreams?

It starts with ‘Do you remember?’ which at first has something mourning over it, but then seems to introduce brighter sides as if thought itself had gone to heaven, to perhaps report the safe arrival of a loved one. The music is skillfully executed on proper sounding real life music instruments, most prominently with what appears to be a violin. I have full respect for that so i now go down on my knees to worship Poppy Nogood’s skills of musicianship. Hallelujah.

‘Dirge-hymn’ is a beautiful sounding charismatic charming work that also seems to challenge the strings to express human feelings. The violin is going for a beautiful crying expression done in a extremely fragile yet emotional solo. I love how clean and yet so open the composition is, nicely giving the weight of death by a simple low key touch of a piano. Who doesn’t like that? The music seems to tell a story, and with its respectfulness and positive charm, it might be a story about a brave beautiful person who was loved and remembered, even if this individual had passed on to the end of the tunnel already.

In fact it seems that this ‘individual’ will be remembered ‘For the end if time’ , as perhaps the music composition with the similar title expresses. This work is one in which small violin strokes are playful and joyfully embroidered with nice complimenting broader ones. It sounds youthful and super pretty, as a heaven but not the textbook version of dull and boring; this seems full of life and hope. For what my opinion is worth; I love this one the most! Just hear how subtle Poppy Nogood mixes this classical construction with modern day electronics to create an even fuller depth! Beautiful!

Next is ‘Frame shatter’ which quite frankly sounds to me like it could be the score for some eerie horror movie. There are the signs of prettiness, but in general it’s a showcase of all the ways you could hear a creepy scene in a horror of ghost movie. The strings do this thing that helps the view on the screen to cause cheer panic and sweaty hands; it’s the reason why pussies like myself watch horror movies with the sound off, or in this case the sound on, but no visuals attached to it.

The last one is ‘It’s cloudy outside’ , which is calmly shivering its melody away like it took us scared ones by the chest and gives out a soothing hug of melodic comfort. It is very beautiful, yet so minimal that it feels like you have to walk quietly on your toes not to miss any of it.
I still feel like I’ve heard this album before, like a déjà vu or something from another dimension… But that’s more than okay as that means that this release is pretty damn special!

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