Ann Key – From Scratch

Ann Key * the key to unlock the doors to music and anti-music?

Ann Key is one person you should hook up online with when you had already given yourself into the dangerous social anti-social trap that is that digital not-really-a-book of faces. She is there as a music and anti-music lover spreading the word of her adventurous in the music and anti-music underground. Hook up with her and you can guarantee yourself that she will provide you all the links to discover new projects, music and (let’s write it down again) anti-music.


^ Ann Key

With Ann Key you will be rolling from one audio surprise into another, almost making it a reason to join the platform just so you can be up to date with all the directions towards possible new music and (here we go again..) anti-music discoveries. Her enthusiasm for the underground scene and the sounds that come out are showing no boundaries.

You would think that someone who is so supportive and helpful in spreading the word of good music and good (yes!) anti-music is someone making sounds too & indeed Ann Key has picked up her inspiration to express in music and perhaps anti-music form. With a little help of technology and a internet connection (same thing?) Ann Key had setup a modern day sound cloud account and one by one she seems to be filling it up with audio materials made by her very own.

Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t life amazing?
Yes, it is indeed amazingly amazing.

Her first track that I fell into was ‘from scratch’ and it was the material that would sincerely change the perspective of music and non-music as we know it. Ann Key with her passion for music and non-music made her first track into one that seems to speak to lovers of experimental audio. With a little bit of imagination her track made me imagine a whole parade of beautiful dark horses galloping around a well dimmed alleyway with wet shiny stones screaming under their firm hooves. A beautiful sight! Something that obviously spoke for more!

“Dark clouds hang above the birds” was a next step into the mutual sound discovery of Ann Key’s magical music and anti-music art. It was here that indeed birds could be heard fluting and tweeting around like flying twitter accounts that had pretty feathers surrounded in the darkness of the evening. Somehow it sounds as if they might announce a possible rain fall, and their announcement that they aren’t actual normal birds at all but secret agents from another world dressed as birds to simply fool us and the bird spotters… Well done Ann Key for pointing this out, let’s get that x-file duo to check it all out!

Power FiveOFive1 is one hell of a track, something that feels like Satan yodeling in hell with explosive rattling shocks of wild animalistic dinosaurs in pain. It’s very loud and noisy, but also has this depth to it that simply pulls you into these audio flames to be burned, scarred and tormented with a long lasting impression of Ann Key’s music and anti-music skills.

To calm down and feel a little bit less disturbed by the hell hole of sound, it is a good idea to join me and listen to Ann Key’s ‘Strings Of My Mind’, Which is like peeking behind the curtain of music and non-music enthusiast Ann Key and hear how the wires are wired with old fashioned analogue strings that twinkle like enthusiastic sparkles that cannot wait to progress new information, share it and create their own artistic music and anti-music materials! How lovely is that?

for more Ann Key you could keep an eye (and a pair or ears) on her Soundcloud:
or indeed follow her daily listening sessions 7 sharing of information over here:

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1 Response to Ann Key – From Scratch

  1. janstrach says:

    Hey that sounds intriguing! I’m bookmarking this for later listening.

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