title: Tanakah
keywords: experimental, ambient, heavy, noise, sampling, weird, Bradford
reviewer: Simon Hit

Tanakah by DRUGBENDER is something that fills up the void and yet it is so difficult to tell with what. I mean what is it that DRUGBENDER fills this void with? It starts with music, a bit of percussion that slowly steps around at a slow pace. This part is still very understandable; everyone can understand that this is music. But somehow DRUGBENDER is making the Tanakah release transform into something else, something less easy to put in a square box, or even in a round ball.

Tanakah is perhaps a way of music that becomes more and more one with your own brain functions, making it harder to be recognized as an external music form as it becomes one with the human listener. To be fair, it is a total mystery to me, as when I listen back and skip certain parts it does actually sound like there has been music all the way through, while I was clearly hearing something else. What is this magic that Tanakah does?

On one side it comes across as someone stumbling in an ancient dusty library somewhere in hidden catacombs, with croaky feet steps on the marble, and sometimes the sound of a creepy door (or someone blowing air out of their lips?)… I’m totally not sure what it is that DRUGBENDER is providing my ears, but it must be some kind of magic as I feel strangely out of touch with reality, losing the plot, and clearly not knowing whether there is music or something else that vaguely resembles it.

Is it perhaps a field recording of some secretive magic ritual beyond the knowledge of the silly audio receiver? There are some hints that might give that impression; someone singing or humming something, is it in English-ish Hebrew? It sounds as there are other people too; they speak and deliver strange reactions with their mouths? Are they DRUGBENDER?

A lot of things can be said or thought about this release, but what counts the most is that whatever it is; it truly captured my attention… It strangely did its magic in its tranquilizing slowness, that it is difficult to put your fingers on, and yet so easy to get lost in…

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