Henry Demos & Lewtrakimou – I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon

Artists: Henry Demos & Lewtrakimou
title: I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon
keywords: alternative bedroom c86 lo-fi no-fi psychedelic Mirfield
label: Fox Food Records https://www.facebook.com/foxfoodrecords

Dear readers, welcome! It’s going to be a long one, so better get yourself a bit comfortable and put the discussed release on as you try to read about it, as why not? Visual and audio textual entertainment could be yours! The album is a split between the two very different sounding Henry Demos and Lewtrakimou. Let us start by saying; what the fuck! (as it rhymes with the first track named ‘Electric Duck!’ It’s a track by a certain Henry Demos and listening to it instantly gives a listener that feeling of being as stoned as a baboon with a free weed supply for life. It’s a poppy tune, with fancy claps, sweet dreamy vocals to look at with heavy eyelids. It has everything to quack for!



But let’s forget about the quacking as there are more tunes to explore and discover here. For example Henry Demos’s Forget It, which is so nicely raw, coming across like Henry Demos is playing the song inside an enormous well smelling smokey cloud in which microphones have to record through the smog. Forget fancy hipsters saying that analogue rules and vinyl, tape etc are the best products as it will provide that fuzzy layer… No, Henry Demos proofs that this feel can also be captured in mp3! So there goes that theory.


creating smoke

Anyway, no time to discuss as this Henry Demos is quick, and with tunes from around the two minutes it would be idiotic to write shot for hours.. But let me do write that listening to the next track that is happily titled ‘ God Dies Alone’ is a feel good uplifting source for smiles and celebration. A short lived celebration perhaps, but it’s good to know that it’s a festive tune to play when that special day of death will arrive!

Then Henry Demos’s ‘Tonight Was Dumb’ steals the show with a bit of a more sensible sound and feel, a sweet person jingling on the strings of a guitar and mumbling sweet things in your ear through technical mysterious ways. I love how the singing sounds, so drowsy and warm; I want to sip on a drink and cuddle up to the music.

And it’s good to cuddle as there is ‘worried’ to be kinda worried about. But luckily the music is so nicely executed in that special effect of stoners smoke that even the worries are high as a kite. Fact is if you listen properly you can even here the worries playing a tambourine! Good times!



With Hebry Devos (sorry i mean… Henry Demos) time goes very quick, and even though “So Slow” might trick you into believing otherwise, even this pretty sweetness passes by the revue way too quickly. But within this speedy time frame Henry Demos delivers you everything, from sweet fluting to a refreshing bit of rain drops.

Then Henry Demos is saying (or is it singing?) ‘Make A Beard’ and it somehow manages to make the action of making a beard sound like an absolutely lovable job to make! It’s sweet and loving, as if little strings are neatly placed in the beard to make it extra cute and good looking. Don’t think it’s a itchy beard that is being made here!


^ a man smoking while making a beard…

Oh and then something so sublime it will start the flow of super jizz in your pants… It’s a fantastic little tune named ‘Useless’ , which it was at least ten years long, but hey Henry Demos has no time for that shit, there has to be more music made!

Last but certainly not the end of this split is another tune by Henry Demos and this one is named ‘Starve’ and for some reason it has this nice balance of happy Stoney Maloney sing and hum along material that made me feel like I wore a flower dress with ribbons in my hair while doing some new age hippy dance.. Luckily the tracks aren’t that long as with my condition it could have result in the end of me (and this blog..)


a dressing sense that fits the tune

Now it’s time to change my little approach of hearing this split as Henry Demos has finished playing and now Lewtrakimou hops in to play its materials. Just because I like to keep it edgy, i switch from speakers to headphones. It isn’t a necessary thing to do (don’t try this at home, readers!) but in times like this, it is nice to listen in various ways.


^ this could be you!

Lewtrakimou is a really nice name by the way! But nobody is reviewing names here, so let’s get on with the music… through headphones. And Oh.. Wow.. Good choice.. I mean it’s a good choice to hear this through the cozy sounding headphones, firmly inserting the lovable sweetness right into my brain.
In fact it’s pretty amazing to hear ‘Oh, It’s Amazing’ in which I could hear Lewtrakimou sing like a special creature that sounds special to my ears. For some reason I imagine a cat friendly person meowing in the human language a song full of love nicely paired with a subtle guitar being played like a warm cuddle. It’s really friendly and sweet, melodic to hit the pop corners but done in such a relaxed way that furry friends would be happy to purr along in total satisfaction. I wish to have a cat just so I could test if it would indeed purr along with this lovely sound. I must bring headphones for the cat though as it’s best to enjoy this music in a intimate close way!



Then Lewtrakimou brings more love and amazing friendliness to the session in the shape of a track named ‘Cyclops Fall’. I imagine a parade of forest creatures singing and smiling while all dressed up with little twinkling bells that glitter between the friendly woods. It’s for sure the music that is worth to write a fantastic fairytale for..

Unfortunately we aren’t having a lot of time as there is more music to be heard and to be explored! Ah Yeh Sey is one of them, which features a nice spacious drum loop and a hypnotizing vocal that seems to get interrupted by someone who might actually call the performer to dinner!

Then there is a cute tune named ‘Sad As Buckets’ and I can’t help to think of cute 3 little kitty cats singing this while moving their young fluffy heads from one side to the other in sync with the music.


3 little cute kittens

For Onis is a friendly fun fair ride that is short, sweet, intoxicating and marvelous. There is the sound of those lovely bells and even a happy go lucky harmonica to get the happy drunkenness processed in its lovable procession.

Then Lewtrakimou brings a loopy work named ‘How Marvelous’ which tells us that the artist won’t stop, which is good as nobody sensible would wish this to stop. The only wish I could come up with is that it was longer, but as there are ‘repeat’ functions this shouldn’t really be a problem to fall over. The music seems to capture a short moment in a beautiful humbling night (can you hear the sweet bugs in the background?) and the determent lovable voice of the artist making her statement before dropping the mic on you.

Then a personal favorite ‘ Man, Tie A Sucker Down’ does its thing. I might ask the colleagues of this blog if we can adopt this as our national anthem. The tune has a old school feeling over it that reminds me of old black and white (or perhaps even colored ones!) animations in which everything was still hand drawn and the world was (in the cartoon, eh?) a bit more innocent, with all the happenings sung in such way that Lewtrakimou does… It makes me feel a bit sentimental!


colored illustration of kittens

Lewtrakimou’s Duty Free Boy is superb in warmth, cleaning the way with a soft sparkling sound of a well-treated guitar that is being stroked into happiness.

And then it happens! There it comes! It’s the hit of Lewtrakimou that somehow has intrigued me from when reading upon this release… And yes, it was worth the high expectations as the ‘I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon’ has this potential to in a very short time frame sketch that happy-go-lucky-feel of a blue sky & a lovable day without actual worries except having no worries at all! I feel like walking around outside in a summer’s costume and a picnic basket while happily jumping around like a carefree individual empowered by the power that is this track by Lewtrakimou!


a picture to illustrate a carefree moment with balloons!

…but that happy walk has to wait for a bit, not only because it’s terrible weather outside (rain, thunder, storm; you know it!) but also because there is simply lots more of Lewtrakimou to explore! For example ‘Casserole’ which is so warm and nice, perfectly laying down all the comfort in sound that the quality lo-fi material is so well loved for. The music contains no singing, but quite funky music to perhaps sing your own song on top off if you’d wished to do so.

Another moment of sentiment comes with the ‘Holy Toledo’ as that is one place attached to one of my personal favorite music makers in the entire world. He has a house there and a empty basement in which he now has escaped in to make music, leaving the rest of the world for what it is. Luckily the artist in question had been so prolific that his music is all around netlabel land for years to be heard… I know this is filling up space that should have been occupied with words for the actual ‘Holy Toledo’ track by Lewtrakimou, but it just triggered this image of the artist being holy inside his basement hiding away from the world to make music… Somehow I wish he could hear this track, as he would love it. Adam Crammond, if you are here; please hear Lewtrakimou’s Holy Toledo! You will love it!


^ the Holy Toledo resident Adam Crammond

Sorry about that, I got carried away a little… That is what this music does really; carrying you (and me?) away into small sketches and favorable sceneries in which everything seems to be alright and talking cats would rule in cartoonish ways! Oh and ‘Holy Toledo’? You just got to hear it even if you aren’t living in a basement in Toledo; big chance you will enjoy it too! Oh, and its 57 seconds long!

Talking about sounds that speak ‘nostalgia’ to the mind; Lewtrakimou’s Everything Was Better At The Charity (with GT Arpe) seems to be all about it! A super sweet low fidelity beat, a nice tempo, a neat ear filling (one ear, two ears at a time!) guitar plingle and harmonic singing that has a dreamy pop feel…
Too short to dream perhaps, but if you are a quick dreamer it must be possible!


such an awesome dreamer

Lewtrakimou’s At The Party is one that feels corresponding to me at a party, carefully hidden away in a corner or locked up in the bathtub with a friendly party goer who likes it more one on one than in the masses all filled up in the party person’s living room. In other words; this sounds quite cozy and intimate!

Then it’s ‘Llevar la cruz y las tablas’ that sounds like a cute episode of glitter and sweet falling of sparkles that has something mysterious and magical over it. Perhaps it’s here that Lewtrakimou puts a spell on us listeners to keep on coming back to this collection of music and explore more from where this had come from!

So yes, an enormous review here, but hey; there is lots of tunes and tracks to hear! 23! A lucky number!!
Henry Demos brings a Stoney dream poppy sound while Lewtrakimou turns you into a wannabe cat that wants to purr along with the colorful images that this music sketches in the mind. Meaw meow!
Check this out at the following link:

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