Jehovah The Satyr – Philanthrope

Artist: Jehovah The Satyr
title: Philanthrope
keywords: alternative diy indonesia melodic deathcore death metal electro melodic death metal metal oustsider music singer-songwriter Kraków
label: Weakiediscs

Jehovah The Satyr is a responsible band that knows how effective the shock element of classical composed music could be when played before they actually perform their obnoxious torment of energetic heaviness. It’s like opening a Pandora’s box that first plays nice sweetness and then when opened all the mad and insane demons pop out to hit the drums like a machine gun, to freak out tightly on guitar as an extent to sacrificial ritual riff magic and the voice coming of someone throaty straight screaming out of devilish nightmare.

It’s a battlefield that comes out in tracks of short lengths, yet long enough to wipe all niceness out of your soul and replace it with speedy material that for some reason had shown me images of goblin demons that come at you with a bottle of poison and a tough armed swing with a sharp looking axe. I strongly doubt that the members of this band are Jehovah witnesses but if they are I strongly recommend not to open the door as hell might just be sticking their feet between the gap and your living room will be full of satanic little helpers chasing you while attempting to burn cigarettes at your ankles. Instead it’s much more user-friendly to just browse to the following link and let Jehovah the Satyr do their thing in audio form:

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