Andrew Bushard sexier than Richard Dawkins and pro freedom of religion!

1Because of a tip by the artist (Andrew Bushard!) himself to check his stuff out, I dipped my tip into his suggested link and fell straight into a song named ‘why be an atheist?’. Out of pure curiosity the song played and I was a tiny bit confused: Before being properly prepared a possible improvised tambourine (or is it the artist banging with a spoon on some cutlery?) started to do its thing in rhythmic confirmation with a robotic sounding voice that basically tells us other opportunities that a person could be other than being an atheist. The confusing part was not so much the song itself, but that voice… I had sworn in my head that it was a computer generated one, turned out to be an actual voice attached to the artist. Now you may think he used some vocoder or something to sound like that, but no; I’m pretty sure it was human all along the way. It probably had to do with how the words and sentences had been pronounced with the cutlery-tambourine thing; odd rhythmic timing always seems to get that robotic feel going on I guess…

There are lots of ‘songs’ on this particular artist’s cloud account, songs about girls, but as it is my first time hearing Andrew Bushard I will try the more religious ones (as you do..) first. So automatically my ears got attracted to his song ‘which religion has the hottest chicks?’… I recognize the voice again, but this time it sounds less robotic but more theatrical. Not just theatrical, but more as if a theatrical performer has been singing alone in a circulating fun fair carousel with the horses and things to sit on replaced by female representatives of all kinds of religions. I just imagine the artist butterflying around and searching for the right soulmate with a perfect religion to convert too. To be honest my first impression of this and the previously heard track is that Andrew Bushard might be a little bit obsessed by religion, and perhaps the ‘babes’ that represents them? Oh well, It’s nice to hear at least someone knowing all the religions out there; it’s knowledge in a song – edu-entertainment!

Automatically I feel that it’s than time to present you ‘Religious tolerance love song #freespeach #freedomofreligion’ to keep this post in the right theme and not get overwhelmed by the amount of girl themed songs. This song features a cute sounding ludicrously played melody to fit the words that Andrew Bushard sing-talks in its odd times ways. The content is quite nice, spreading a message of indeed freedom of religious tolerance. Basically singing that it doesn’t matter what religion his potential girl is from, as long as she is open for all kind of religions she is welcome to be with Andrew Bushard. It has a nice positive message, although somehow it gives the feeling that the artist changes religion every day for breakfast or perhaps is every religion all at once, Which is cool and fine, and definitely unique enough to respect by not only the girl of Andrew Bushard’s dreams, but also by us other people. Freedom & open minded of religion could be the key to peace and harmony… Or at least the key to this artist his heart if you are that special girl that he sings about…

But all good messages aside, it might be a good idea to hear the artist’s hit ‘Sexier then Richard Dawkins’ in which Andrew Bushard tells how much more hotter he is then Richard Dawkins . The song is like a bitch slap to Richard Dawkins face and we really hope he would hear this song himself as that would be certainly priceless! I’m not aware of Dawkins writing sexy tell-it-like-it-is songs like this, so I guess if Andrew Bushard and Richard Dawkins would be the only contestants at a beauty pageant the atheist would have simply lost his crown (and probably his wife) to the nerdy sex bomb who loves all religions of any kind! It isn’t going to get any sexier than this, I’ tell ya!

There are more songs themed with religion, and girls… but for some reason I truly think that after listening to Richard Dawkins bitch slap it’s good to take some time to take it all in for a bit. When this all stirs your curiosity and you are mentally ready for it, feel absolutely free to hear a lot more songs and singing from this odd character at the following link:

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