Sam And The Womp – ‘Light It Up’ (Major Lazer Cover)

Artist: Sam And The Womp
title: ‘Light It Up’ (Major Lazer Cover)
keywords: essentially pop, video, trumpet, singing, electronic, good vibes, summer times, sunshine

Positive vibes are important to harvest, and if they are in music form it’s actually even a lot better! Lately we have featured some surprising summer vibes of positivism on YIKS and surprisingly they all had the same singing singer involved in them. So what’s up with that? Where are all the other bringers of positive vibes, did she skimmed them all? Collected them all like a squirrel does with its favorite nuts? Or are we just a little biased to not feature any other material of this kind? What kind? Precisely!

It’s hard to find music that has this positive attitude that fits a summers sun. Or even can turn a grey sky with rain instead of sunshine, turn into a make-believe sunny one! But this singing singer songwriter has the power in her hands & mostly in her lungs-mouth-throat-neck-lips-tongue-combination and that’s useful, as like that we can receive it through the ears! But one plus zero is still one, and a voice alone is what the professional say ‘a voice alone’.

It’s half of the good vibes-job, as music; ohh music! – music is the other half that delivers that ‘good vibes all the times’ concept for the feeling good summer sounds of love! Without it; it wouldn’t be music, and the voice without the music would just be a song. And random letters on a paper are no words!


So good vibes are created by good vibes creators, going from one person to another, like a most favorable thing to share and spread until it’s basically summer-time all the time; even in winter! Somehow the passing of good vibes had reached the good-vibes singing singer and the musicians to reinvent an original good-vibes tune into a (according to myself) more friendly sunnier one. Don’t get me wrong, the original is up there in the summer sound of good-vibes-land, yet this petite little remake has something very clean, minimal, human in it; what you see is what you get! Or in this case what you see is what you will hear!

And in this case it’s 3 good-vibes people (aka Sam and the Womp) doing their thing; the singing singer Bloom (already in summer dress!) upfront hitting all the notes, words and sounds in a crystal clearness that is like a magic bowl rubbed like it’s all shiny and bright. The handsome Daniel on the electronic music devices (this time he doesn’t play a microwave & electric rice cooker!) and (for analogue delights!) Sam Richie playing the extent foreign object of himself; his trumpet!

Together they play the opposite of a rain dance, swinging their roots like wobbly warriors of summer’s sun from left to right and right to left. What can go wrong when having such good-vibes provided to your very own ears by the technology of a video clip that you could play for free? If we do this all mass all over the world; summer will be ruling it’s good-vibes all over the globe! But please, do enjoy it with care and sense as summer good vibes are great, but remember that plants & trees deserve a drink (rain!) too…
Balance it out people, balance it out!
But first positive vibes summer times; Come out sun & light it up!

For more Sam and the Womp vibes:

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1 Response to Sam And The Womp – ‘Light It Up’ (Major Lazer Cover)

  1. Kathy Culley says:

    I’ve met Sam & Bloem and we chatted for quite some time and I can tell you they are really nice people and deserve their success. Love from California!!!

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