TOTAL E.T. – Dimensionalgetic (D+)

Artist: TOTAL E.T.
title: Dimensionalgetic (D+)
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone industrial noise Slovakia

The alien music maker never seems to disappoint with bringing the unheard of sounds of alien data communication to the human realm. From beginning to the end it’s instant top notch material, breaking it to you without hesitation; these sounds aren’t human! Difficult to place the music in a human-world setting in order to let you know what it reminds you off, as it reminds me of things that I can’t really remind!

Alien abduction, creepy crawlers looking into my eyes, mouth and a array of slimy tentacles touching the places that even mother wouldn’t touch. It’s that vague memory of alien abduction, being strapped on some kind of examination table while the whole examination room is settled in a mysterious soft flying object.

Things are being drilled, skin is being scraped for future research, and while aliens are chatting in their own strange ways and the probing is going on, all you can do is just waiting till they have finished their thing… Waiting and listening to the whole scene; it isn’t that unpleasant, really!

But I remember that once the probing and usual research had finished they believed they had some special species over here; resulting in a much longer session of operational exposure by these unknown alien life forms. Strange sounds crawl under the skin, bizarre high thrills are exploring the bone structure as massive alien eyes are staring into your soul. The sounds of unknown music are playing with what’s left of the mind that feels like it’s going through a scan-like sensation.


The Alien researcher ready to probe you…

Vague shadows fall in the back of the brain; that alien looks a lot like Travis Johnson… More research is done and all traces of memory being either replaced or blocked by a whole array of unearthly sounds of thrilling, tweaking, skinning, poking, pilling, smothering and busy operational proportions. These aliens might not wear hygienic costumes but they sound so much more advanced in technology that it would be a real shocker to wake up in a body that is glued back together like a sack of potatoes with obvious misplaced limps…

No, this alien research team are sophisticated, and you won’t notice a single change when waking up with an erased memory from the adductive intrusion … Yet when you hear this release there might be a big change all the memories of this ordeal in outer space all comes back to relive that moment. Good luck being mentally probed again!

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