Belmont Lacroix – Rialto Boulevard

Artist: Belmont Lacroix
Title: Rialto Boulevard
keywords: electronic experimental ambient experimental adult-contemporary experimental pop leverkusen minimal wave modular synth schlager strategic tape reserve synth pop techno weird pop Neuenbrook

I’m firmly impressed by the super romantic Belmont Lacoix’s Rualto Boulevard, an album that is original in its choice of sounds to produce its love song structures, able to compliment the artist tough and yet super sensible sounding sensual voice.

The first song for example ‘What’s That Dead Man Doing?’ goes for strange experimental electronic sounds as its main base, while being nicely decorated at all the right places with harmonic elements. It feels a bit like a test, to put your ears in to check out if you like what you are hearing or not. It’s probably an easy one because for some reason it’s easy to drown yourself into this release, and stir up the music lover & lover in general up from deep inside of you.


Let’s get romantic!

More electronic sweetness gets soaked up in the listener’s ears with the super romantic sounding ‘Monetize Your Love’. The combo of the sweet melody and choice of sound with the nicely done layers of the super soothing voice that does its thing in a tempo to hug and kiss on, is something you just know that it will complete a romantic setting of candle light and flower paddles on the floor leading to the bedroom. It’s a song that will get you and possibly a partner in the romantic love mood… In fact this is counting not only for this song, but it’s fair to say that this whole interesting album is speaking romance in every way.


Romancing the romance

But what stuns me the most is that it’s romantic in a modern sense of the word; no boring ballads in a traditional troubadour way, but futuristic electronic sounds that will give lovers of the brain dance generation something to snuggle up with. The sounds producing the soft bed for the soothing voice, is as interesting as it is melodically done in non-conformist ways.
If breakcore gives you wood, then this might grow a forest between the legs. Still I feel this is not about the actual deed, this is pure foreplay, a five track release that will be loved by modern romantic women and modern romantic men & probably modern romantic animals too.


romantic men ^

Seriously it’s nice to hear on your own, but for some reason it feels it will be a much better listening session with a lover. I mean I’ve been listening to this alone and couldn’t stop touching myself. Of course it’s not a real problem, yet it makes it hard to type my findings to you… So here is the link to the über romantic modernist that will certainly get you in the mood:

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