Pascal Nichols x Rogier Smal- Drums Only


Graffiti/Comic style cassette front cover

Artist: Pascal Nichols x Rogier Smal
Title: Drums Only
Lable: Toztizok in coöp with Chololate Monk 
Keywords: Drums (duh!)
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

First let me start of by answering that question some people askes me about a couple of times: Do you really listen to the real cassettes or do you just listen to the bandcamp/spotify/fb/wa/e-mail albums? Let’s take a look at the evidence:


The actual playback rig (which need some dust removal)

Cassettedeck: Check

Well that’s actually all I need. It’s plugged in into my laptop via a line-in cable. So yes, I actually listen to the albums on their released format (Same goes for Ciedies).


Now back to the actual review: A split cassette by two very talanted drummers. They both get one side to express their deepest passion for their drum- and percussioninstruments. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was who was on which side. One was labeled P (for Pascal’s side) and one R (for Rogier’s side). But I also had difficulty finding out if the side of the cassette that’s facing me is playing or the side that’s facing the cassette player. I will just give this review no names otherwise I could be standing on someones toes (which is the litteral translation for a Dutch proverb).

The first side start is focused on a more freejazz style approach of tracks. Rhytms of drums and percussion blend very different ways to form new rhythms and Q&A based tracks. The tracks a relatively short and full of  pauses, breaks, fast passages. Like eating in a nice little French café while someone is playing their best performance of their lifetime, in a positive way.

The other side is more consistent, almost Techno, like. It has less coloring outside of the lines (another cool Dutch proverb). It’s more entrancing and you don’t need to really listen to it as much as you need to the other side. It makes you feel like you’re being a part of old African ceremony where a ghost a has be driven out of and old village. Especially the last track has that demonlike exorcism feeling with pounding drums and really eerie feelings.


The inside cover

The cover of this release is really cool. I like the old comic style with those pointy fillings. It also tells some sort of story which I don’t quite get yet. Who is the sheep and who is the dog.

Overall this is a release which I had high expectations of and really made them come true. You will not miss any other instruments as the drums and percussion is the only thing you need here.

Follow the links at the top for more info and to order them!

P.S. I love personal letters!


Really nice personal letter including non-clickable links

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