Dan O’Connor – IN/EX

Artist: Dan O’Connor
title: IN/EX
format: digital / limited CD
Keywords: experimental breathe improvised instrumental trumpet Perth
label: Tone List http://tonelist.com.au/

All trumpeters please unite and pay attention to IN/EX by your boss of bosses Dan O’Connor! I know trumpeters have no bosses, but in this case all trumpeters (and even non trumpeters!) would have to admit that Dan O’Connor deserves the title of boss of bosses of the trumpeters!


Trumpeters in their natural habitat… bow down to Dan O’Connor!

Nobody, I repeat; nobody plays the trumpet like Dan O’Connor, and it’s easy to hear that his way of playing takes years of preparation and even more years to gain the right skills to be able to perform like this boss of bosses. Dan O’Connor obviously has found inspiration in people with problems blowing up balloons, it’s clearly hear-able that also asthmatic patients and over the top nose sneezes have been study points on the road of trumpet perfection. I could even hear the inspiration of sitting in a dentist chair while a dentist drills a hole in a decaying tooth; pretty out of this world trumpet-wise!


Dan O’Conner trumpet talent deserves a statue!

The main amazement is that with such a showcase of trumpet talent, it also shows incredible strength in the lungs, and great ability to let air and spit fluctuate over the lips while holding a trumpet towards the mouth. Also adding up to the credibility of trumpet super expert ‘Dan O’Connor’ is that he doesn’t needs enormous lengthy free jazz pieces to make his enormous skills shine! He shares his talent with ease in ultimate short tracks that you could simply only leave up to a boss of bosses of next level trumpet musicianship…


^ nothing compared to Dan O’Connor

Seriously, all trumpet playing friends; bow down to your master! And all who won’t or don’t play trumpet; hear this and just know you will never hear a greater trumpet player in your entire existence than the super talented Dan O’Connor! Respect!

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