The Tara Experiment – The Television Hypnotist (Single)

artist: The Tara Experiment
title: The Television Hypnotist (Single)
keywords: electronic radiophonic experimental electronic minimal wave modular synthesizer musique concrete noise nurse with a wound the telescopes vintage electronica whitehouse United States

The single of The Tara Experiment is a good choice to hear and get in touch with the high brand of quality experimentalism in sound form. If you are familiar with the ‘experiment’ you will know that it focusses a great deal on music for the psychedelic enjoyers who like electronica in analogue ways. The Television Hypnotist is such a track that comes in slowly, does its magic and before you know it (and can even figure out what had happened…) the track is over. It’s not that track is exceptionally short, it is because The Tara Experiment knows how to trick time and space by practicing sound hypnosis. It’s the same with the other track ‘Between the Wires’ that absorbs the mind with its ambient charisma and yet feels hardly there.

Lots like a ghost in the back of the machine, softly breezing around calmly behind the looking box, reprogramming viewers their minds like some mathematician that has the task to don’t wake or alert any programmed mind up until the audio information had all uploaded in the subconscious aphetic minds of the consumer. Not sure if The Tara Experiment is also using this single as a way to reprogram our minds, or that it’s more a case of pointing out how sneaky manipulation through television waves is applied to penetrate and restructure the consumers mind. It’s best to (if you hadn’t done it yet) to throw the television out of the window and listen to the wise Tara Experiment instead.

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