Ilia Belorukov – There Was Hardly Anybody There

Artist: Ilia Belorukov
Title: There Was Hardly Anybody There
Keywords: devotional darkwave field recordings ilia belorukov minimal spinarec Saint Petersburg
label: spina!rec

Like a spider hanging from the web-like material coming from its own ass, the ‘He Needs Someone to Wake Him Up’ comes across like a combination of strong and fragile. We know the web-like material is strong, yet some human can wipe, suck or take it all away in one go. This lengthy track feels strong and fragile like that, but if you don’t skip it and let the entire track do its thing it is clearly material as strong as ever. It is also fairly minimal, giving only the essential needed things like a pulsating ticking clean kick and a drone-ish atmosphere that made me think of airplanes flying over high in the sky on a sunny day. There is also a wonder of a flirt captured inside of this recording. Something that sounds as if it is a vague memory from a portable radio receiver that is kind enough to give the whole thing some kind love at the right places in time.

‘If Any Man Comes…’ also stays away from heaviness; balancing on a nice thin line of ambient and recorded snippets of ambiance. The sound in general is smooth, like a tonal hum that settles itself easily in any background situation while the sampled recordings of human activity creates the needed layer that enables the listener not to forget to listen. It also has to be said that this isn’t the material you could possibly hear with talkers around, or in noisy atmospheres; this needs solid silence to be fully enjoyed without losing a single drop of sound captured on this release.

“Ask Around, Somebody Will Know” is largely build on a slow but prominent drum. It feels like it’s made for a warrior ritual in which the warrior has to endure patience to go to the next level of whatever it is that warriors do in the spiritual sense of the word. Maybe you should ask around, maybe somebody else would know? There are some very fragile sounding sounds next to this slow paced prominent warrior drum, so it’s also up to the listener to accept a challenge and evolve in being a listener instead of a fast food audio receptor.

The “Someone Has to Lock Up the House” is keeping the challenge high up in this case, making it truly a release that calls for a lot of patience and a state of slowness of the mind to be able to perceive it all in the sane speed. The music features a electronic kick, some small warmth around it and it’s really taking lots of steps back from the quickness of real life to be able to integrate yourself into this time and space. It’s like music for a yoga master on a cocktail of heroin and perhaps sleeping pills. Personally I have not gained the skill to be able to be this relaxed to hear this album as it probably is intended, but you, on the other hand might be just the relaxed super guru kindly evolved enough to make it through and find joy while doing it. Take your medication as it’s time for warrior meditation:

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