Wet Dentist – The Coup de Grâce

artist: Wet Dentist
title: The Coup de Grâce
keywords: art punk bethlehem electro electronic new wave creative commons synthpunk Bethlehem

Wet Dentist brings a clever mix of experimental electro synth pop with a sense of sarcasm, a fork of humor, a teaspoon of Gary Numan synths, a sniping voice and the potential potent of not being afraid of taking a risk!

The music is as you could expect; super original, fun, dark, and not too unimportant: strangely groovy. The tunes of Wet Dentist will make everyone into Industrial electro pop with a twist spicy and wet, as this will be seriously good enough to give some frequent readers a guarantee to a satisfactory load of orgasms.

You can sit still and feel it pulling you to move alone, or simply just give in and become one with the music of Wet Dentist, dancing around while shaking those orgasms off like you just don’t care!

As added benefit it must be noted that the exciting music by the Wet Dentist actually helps a great deal to conquer the fear of being afraid for the dentist, as the Wet Dentist sounds like someone who would provide its patients with a good interesting tune instead of a chair to hang your mouth in.

In all honesty I’m so enthusiastic about the music of Wet Dentist that I hope seriously that ‘Wet Dentist’ could be Wet ‘The Musician’, just because this man deserves to make a living of the music rather than smelling other people’s bad breath on a daily basis.. Unless that Wet Dentist enjoys it, which in that case; is pretty awesome too!

Personally I think he has a killer voice, especially for that well researched and craved ‘industrial’ sound and vibe, but if you like his music but would prefer to hear it with a woman’s voice you will be delighted to hear Violet Payne doing her thing on Wet Dentist’s tune ‘Soak Cobalt *bloat*dye*croak*’. It’s a win-win situation as Wet Dentist knows how to bring originality in the groovy alternative pop ways, Violet seems to come across as the owner of a seasoned power house voice! The sounds are as fun as a good looking cactus wearing a hat; it can sting you, yet you know it’s one to befriend with! The music has this blessing baselines that you could only respond too by moving like a diver emerging from non-existing waves on dry land! As a foreigner I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but it is all connected!

The Wet Dentist provides more originalities with ‘Life / Afterlife’ in which wicked drum programming, more sneaky dubious synth bass and the mentally mental vocal skills of the man’s voice rules the scene like a pair of inflatable jelly shoes that will make every surface into a bouncy one. The fun part is when the line comes ‘I can’t take my mind if this, I need to take my mind of this…’ as for some reason it made me remember the provocative Tom Green singing his ‘bum’ song. There is something in it that contains humor in a sarcastic way… I can’t describe it differently, but if I had to use a non-hipster word it would definitely be ‘Cool’! Yes, Wet Dentist’s music is freaking cool!

The ‘Haus of Whoa’ gets jiggly with a super freaky touch, mixing the bubbly feel of the eighties bizarrely modern and futuristic. The craziness sits in the originality of everything that makes such sense in song structure and yet is so different than anything else that is hopping around. It’s a mix of electronic pop rock punk freakiness with an excellent moment in which Wet Dentist shows of his vocal skills in jaw breaking proportions. This is a tune that gets under your skin!

Of course Violet Payne also lends her domination neurotic vocal talent to the alternative dance cracker named ‘Lead Ashtray’ which has this rattling rhythm and wobbling synth bass that teamed up with Violet’s voice is something that is hard to resist not to spastically moving along with. This is the material that has punk written all over it, yet instead of talentless no brainer guitar riffs there is actual talent and music at work here! Violet haunts the groove of this tune so evidentially that it would take a very grumpy person not to dig this one…

Then it’s the ‘single’ named ‘In Order to Ascend’ and to be honest the video was reason for me to dive with both ears into this release! It is so good! It’s like falling into a psychedelic electronic pop world in which the alternative eighties sound had made babies with a dark version of LSD to make us feel trapped in a strange bliss that seems to be a phase of transmitting into a higher state of highness. The music video is also a highly recommend experience:

Wet Dentist delivers a nice end to this album by the very fresh sounding original ‘A Rare Earth Element’ which has spacious synth pads, neat singing and ‘wet dentist’ subconscious name programming. The melody part in combination with the voice is another climax worth; the whole tune simply never gives a boring moment and keeps grooving away in experimental psychonautic groovy melodic pretty ways! Pretty much the only Wet Dentist you should visit right now without an appointment!

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1 Response to Wet Dentist – The Coup de Grâce

  1. Ankle of Alaska says:

    Not a dentist or anything like. Think American poet Wallace Stevens. And quite the live guitarist and performer days past.

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