Robert Farrugia – Tines

Artist: Robert Farrugia
Title: Tines
keywords: ambient electronic idm ambient dub techno electronic Spain

The title track that had also made its way to its very own music video, it is also blessed by being the opening of this release. It’s a lot of glory for such a track but as it sounds so graceful and light it is obviously not going to the tracks head. The track is playing out like a soft melodic piano piece with additional harmonic support of sweet humbling ambient. It makes me feel very relaxed, as if little rays of sunshine had bypassed some rain drops in order to warm the place up with a surreal freshness that is relaxed but not too sleepy. Good tines ahead for anyone in need for music to chill out with in a seemingly intelligent sounding way.

The next work ‘Encoder’ feels even more pretty and magical; like a calm stream of thinly veiled strings and blurry piano stimulants that work together by giving the whole session a nice combination of depth and brightness.

The track named ‘Arpeggiator’ will also be at your service when going for this ambient pleasure of a release. Soft, vibrant and calm are all willing to work together in making this track one of the finest cut audio diamonds in the world; shiny in its beauty, fragile and yet so sophisticated. Not sure how much a download costs…

The sophistication of these tracks and compositions all have the calm vibe of someone who lives in pure harmony, a clean house & mind, no urges of bad thoughts or any disturbing ideas. Yet don’t think that there isn’t room for a bit of experimentation as with ‘Relentless’ the delicate sounding producer brings it’s ambient material fluffy and soothing among a very soft and slow rhythm. It’s a beat that might be able to dance you towards the sleepy dream zone.

When ‘Timbre’ plays and does its thing i strongly feel like being a tree that has now been cut from the bottom by kindness, falling over towards the ground in a long and vast sleep. Seriously the music here is beautiful yet it is in such a way that it takes a real macho not to crawl up, close the eyes and open the ears to inhale these audio invitations of pure velvet dreams. I only hope nobody will start snoring when listening to the dreaming dream music, which would simply be of such annoyance and also be disrespectful…

At the end there is ‘Tines’ again but this time in a remixed version done by SineRider. It turned out like a pleasant ambient drone, so no need to be afraid someone would attempt to wake or disturb you from this session of relaxation. As soon as I passed you the link I’ll go to dream of pretty things and have no shame to snore hard and loud…

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