Pogohm – Spank

artist: Pogohm
title: Spank
keywords: Techno, Hardcore, Drum & Bass
label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/

Pogohm has the bass and the collection of breakbeats to get bumping like it is in the middle of the drum n bass season. The time that the breaks could be heard on the radio, but mostly pumping from every club filled with stoners on speed. Dancing with broken ankles but because you are feeling it so much, you simply continue without feeling any pain!

This is the material to show that you your swag, let it all hang loose while you gracefully accept the energetic steam trains of ravers delight to spank your ass straight into a dancing frenzy. Spank is of course the highlight, flogging its beats like a master on a pirate ship with a head full of mysterious white powder. Nothing can stop the madness as we automatically all board the pumping train of repetitive dance music.

Pogohm even teams up with ambient buddy Pollux to give you the track to get pumped up with. It’s the bass that techno Viking would be happy about in combination with spiritual strings and heavy beat orientation that will get the job done over here. Another highlight is the heavy attacker of a track ‘Kill People At School’ which Pogohm made together with the master of loudness ‘Hlo’. Which means even people with hearing aid will have no problem hearing this dance stomper!

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