Samuel Bone – Lip Rails

Artist: Samuel Bone
title: Lip Rails
keywords: Dance, Electronic, Experimental, Ambient,
label: Sirona-Records

The ministers of funny walks kindly invites you to step through the Deep Pathway like a pronator armed with a leather jacket and with army boots on. Everything is flex and all is hanging loose to feel that rhythm doing catchy things with your buttocks. The melody that says ‘hi’ with the steady walker of a dance tune is for sure something to let your arms stroll up and down in the air as if you’ve got everything under control, and you owe the pathway as well as the music.

Then it’s ‘Grusenbelt’ that sets the tempo and scenery for stepping around. The best beat is steady, as if it is pulled down through gravity while the surroundings are like pieces of ambient elastics that extract and decrease between the nice walking paces.

Then it’s time for a fine session that is worth to dust off a pair of tap dance shoes, slip into them and show those tap dance skills like a true professional. No worries if you suck at tap dancing as the track HOPN is groovy and funky enough to camouflage any wrong tap dance moves and mistakes. Good beats and a nasty bass.

Then ‘Ion Stylons’ kicks in which is a bit of a mix that blends the non-obvious together that will make you scratch your head and wonder ‘what did I just hear?’ While at the same time strangely doing a great job bringing the non-obvious things together as if it was actually obvious. Think a nice roller of a tight beat, a toybox sound, strange strings and what not…

The next tune on this free downloadable release is ‘Lip Rails’ which is also delivering so many things in one go. From a moment of epic awesome dance music, to pretty brain dance with a fine mellow melody, to strange deep low lying slow groove material. Let’s say it’s experimental as it shows so many things in one that it could be a mix of different tracks with the same palette of sounds. Pretty interesting…

Last track on the album is ‘Wild EyeDeye’ which features some really nice wordless vocal parts that feels nice to rise our angelic techno sides up with. But instead of going up, the music turns inwards; giving a spiritual road to your own inner chakra. Good luck with that!

I’m not into name dropping, but if you are a fan of the famous Pollux or the legendary Pogohm when they work together, you will probably enjoy the free dowwnloadable release by Samuel Bone too. Get it over here:

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