СТРУП- Невозможно / ШКРЭК


artist: СТРУП
title: Невозможно / ШКРЭК
keywords: Dark Ambient / Drone / Experimental
label: Floppy Noise https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords/
reviewer: Leo Obit

Talking about explosively good floppy diskette releases; this one by СТРУП is certainly one of them! It’s not explosive in the sense like that you slip it into your up to date floppy drive and before you know it the whole thing makes a loud bang, and the whole machinery is up in flames… It’s more that the music (yes, there is music!) that lives on this floppy diskette is exploding the excitement inside your inner belly… A bit like butterflies when you are seeing someone you fancy a-hell-of-a-lot but then a whole lot different…

On this diskette lives this underground floppy hit ‘Невозможно’ that is aggressive, catchy, anarchic, and basically all that you need to hear for the rest of your miserable lives! It’s all you need basically… You can hear it on repeat forever and ever as it’s all you could possibly wish for. It has the nasty riffs, the recognizable structure of a pop rock tune, a nice glow of metal, a fierce middle finger up in the air, lyrics in a language that you could only understand if you could read the project’s name & it has attitude! It also has this four by four beat; so basically all genres are covered; making it a unisex release for all who loves the alternative things! It helps if you have a floppy fetish, but that’s just a plus point of it all!

But even though ‘Невозможно’ is all you need, СТРУП also pushes the diskette to the limits by also including the punky short ass kicker named ‘ШКРЭК’ which sounds like an uprising, a revolution, including protesters, megaphone, and a militant drum roll! What can you possibly want more? Get this floppy over here:

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