Everywhere Kingdom – 3 (Red)

artist: Everywhere Kingdom
title: 3 (Red)
keywords: alternative atmospheric collage experimental improvisation industrial noise polska Poznań
label: Underpolen http://underpolen.bandcamp.com/

Everywhere Kingdom and everywhere should be ears attached to human bodies who are still alive to hear and rock out on them. You might have sensitive ears, but Everywhere Kingdom would be racist to be polite and treat your sensitivity different from the ones who have already damaged them a great deal. Everywhere Kingdom treats all listeners equal, and so expect to be penetrated by a great set of beats, nicely distorted rhythms to blow your hair dry with! In fact who needs those weird looking things at a hair salon if you could just listen to this album by Everywhere Kingdom instead?

In 9 tracks Everywhere Kingdom fucks your ears like it’s a pair of loose slippers that needs to be filled with a nice groove so loud that you barely hear it. It’s pushing things to the limit, yet not over the limit; which makes it noisy yet not noise! How about that? Isn’t that crazy? That might be, but it’s also material to give you that buzz fuzz and be awake with. Which isn’t crazy at all!

Industrial material on clown shoes would be a way to describe it,
nicely rolling, loud, but also quite a lot of fun! You want find anyone looking pissed off or angry listening to these rays of ear damaging (and pleasing!) materials. So what are you waiting for?

Next to being loud and awake, there are also pretty much ‘cool’ things happening on this deeply buzzing album. Drums and bass in laid back rolling grooves that will make the puss in your ear voluntarily walk (or dance!) out… So in a way this heavy stuff is also quite beneficial for your hygiene.

But if beats are your thing, and you like them as close to the sound barrier that it almost becomes difficult to trace without an internal bleeding, while still keeping it cool and floppy, this release might be something to keep you buzzing and pussing, unless (through time) you have lost all ability to register anything with you ears… This release by Everywhere Kingdom is loud, but possibly worth the loss of hearing.

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