Lastboss – glory – music for a book

artist: Lastboss
title: glory – music for a book
keywords: canada experimental manchester uk ambient drone electronic music loop shoegaze soundtrack tape vape vaporwave Zhuhai
reviewer: Dentist John

“‘Glory’ is a sonic interpretation of the five book series by author Michael Mcmanamon. The aesthetic and design are the work of long time collaborator Lee Prescott. I’m grateful to both sources for their continued inspiration and their incredible artistic visions.”

Unfortunately I haven’t have read the book series by Michael Mcmanomon, but this release as a standalone is indeed something that easily speaks to the imagination. It works a bit like a book, except it’s the soundtrack that sets the scenes that play in your own mind and imagination. To me these things work out like a movie, but most times the book might be better than the ‘movie’… But the music interpretation is triggering the things like a fiction thriller with horror and also nicer moments. Let’s dive a little deeper into it, shall we?

‘Library’ sounds like a theme track for a creepy scene down in a haunted library. The minimal melody that has itself on repeat with a twisted turn has something that evokes the feeling of mystery and something dark lurking behind the corner. Maybe slimer? Or (to some strangely scary) all female cast of Ghostbusters? For some reason I imagine books flying out of the bookshelves and librarians uncontrollably being picked up by an invisible force, floating against the library ceiling…
Something more full and exciting is the next tune named ‘Glory’ which is going on the road of epic material in electronica shapes and forms. There is a pulsing beat here with great sounding haunting synthesizer material and a fat baseline to deliver something that would probably excite anyone into experimental electronica, without getting to vague or arty farty. The kick is kicking and you can feel that it’s emotional in a powerful darkly toned way; it will turn a face into a grim smile.

Some more emotion can be felt and heard in ‘Finding Shelley’ which showcases yet another side of the musician responsible. A side that refrains from beats, but instead goes for a captivating drone collage in which the sounds are ghostly but pretty. They seem to be performed in a repetitive loop, yet it never seems to grow old.. But that would be weird as loops shouldn’t really grow old, they would be looping until infinity.

Another tune that could easily fit in a horror movie (or perhaps a scary TV series) is the theme track sounding ‘Death Hotel (Interlude)’ it isn’t main material, but will be doing a good job to fill up the audio channels of the in between scenes.

One of these scenes might be in need of ‘School’ as a soundtrack. It’s fairly experimental with calm music, fireplace feelings and strange abrupt stops that could be used for special cinematic effects. The bass seems to carry all the other sounds like a round belly of a soon to be mother.

The bass is also a prominent element in ‘Carl’, which nicely lays down the heaviness for the soft shimmering angelic flubbers of music to fly strategically around. But the heaviness of an audio cinematic experience comes back more strangely with the extended version of Death Hotel: A soundtrack that fits rainy effects, thunder on the background, haunting spirits in the hallway of guests slaughtered by the hotelier. It’s creepy, thick and worth to film a movie around. Or indeed, maybe go back to the book as the book already exist and is probably even better than the movie… And then the movie can come out based on the book and the music for the book.. It’s making the life of a movie director as easy as possible and 100 percent success guaranteed! Here is the music for the book:

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