Martin Kay – Courtyards

Artist: Martin Kay
title: Courtyards
format: CD
keywords: fieldrecordings, court yards, audio
label: Herbal Concrete
reviewer: Dentist John

Enjoying a day with Martin Kay is what this album seems to be all about,
It’s not that he is there waiting for you at the nearest cafeteria with a fresh cup of coffee and a croissant, but somehow in my mind he actually kind of is. And as soon as the formalities are out of the way he will bring us on a tour through the Courtyards. Not one walk through a nice courtyard, no Martin Kay will really make it a day by guiding us through at least 8 of them. Perhaps even 9, if we keep up our walking up to date.

Nah, don’t you worry it was just a little joke as nobody of the readers here are into fanatic walking, and that’s a good thing as with Martin Kay’s Courtyard exploring, he basically made our lives a bit luxurious and nice as thanks to him we can just sit on our ass while he parades around for our entertainment with a microphone recording all these courtyards. From the Allée du Père Julien Dhuit – Rue des Envierges, Paris. To 9 Rue Claude Monet, 93400 Saint-Ouen to many other prominent places to visit and sightings to see (and in this case) hear.

What makes these courtyards so special that we need to go and visit them in audio form? I’m not so sure actually, but it is a nice documentation of what is happening, and what is not happening at these places that Martin Kay so kindly had recorded for us. It is released on a CD through a label named Herbal Concrete and feels like a flashback to the good times in which field-recordings would bring great sentiment with them. For the lovers of sounds, silence, kids playing in the yard and urban nature:

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